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Nov 11, 2009 02:01 PM

Good cheap local cuisine or ethnic in Louisville on Sun, breakfast/brunch Monday???

Escorting a gaggle of 17-18 year old gentlemen from Nashville to Louisville for rapper Brother Ali @ Uncle Pleasant's on Sun the 15th. Show starts at 7, where can I find a good solo meal around 6:30? Zanzabar is ( I think) near the venue, but has mixed reviews. Staying at the downtown Hyatt and will grab a taxi so I can have a little wine, so I'm open to anywhere in-between downtown and the club. Seems like many restaurants are closed on Sundays.

Would love to take the guys somewhere fun for a late breakfast if anyone has an idea. "Toast" has fans on several other foodie boards. These are well-traveled kids who would rather have an awesome diner meal than a touristy experience. That said, we are going to stop by Cave City en route home to Nashville, so the right kind of kitsch would be entertaining.

Uncle Pleasant's
2126 S Preston St, Louisville, KY 40217

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  1. There are gobs of great restaurants in Louisville, and I think you'll be spoiled for choice.

    If you go up to Bardstown Rd. from Uncle Pleasant's, here's what you'll have (this generally moves toward downtown from Southeast to Northwest):

    Sitar (Indian), Sapporo (sushi/steak), a couple of fun cafes, Cumberland Brews (a brewpub), Jarfi's bistro, Palermo Viejo (Argentinian), the Bristol (good Southern-influenced American bistro food -- and I think they're still doing their wine list at RETAIL), Ramsi's (eclectic world cuisine, good wine list), Jack Fry's (steaks, general deliciousness, but pricey). All of those I would enthusiastically recommend. I can recommend Thai or Pizza or Middle Eastern places too if you're interested. OH! There's a DYNAMITE Middle Eastern place on the corner of Baxter and Highland, almost next door to Jack Fry's. Their hummus is the best in town, pita too. No alcohol, though.

    Past that on Bardstown Rd. you've got some of Louisville's Irish Pubs, which are great, cheap, have good beer selections, etc.

    Regarding breakfast. There are a few places I'd recommend, including Toast. The place everyone recommends, Lynn's Paradise Cafe, is good, but often crowded and pretty kitschy. I think their specialties are delicious, but $15 seems like a little too much to spend on some french toast and a cup of coffee. Wild Eggs, on the other hand... perfect. I've never had anything there that wasn't creative and different, and their prices are very reasonable. I LOVE Wild Eggs.

    Are you going through Mammoth Cave? Don't miss the cafe in the visitors' center. You will receive good, hot, fresh diner food and sweet tea at a crazy-cheap price, and be waited on by a gum-popping waitress with a pencil behind her ear. And she will call you "darlin." It's priceless. ;)

    If you're going through Bowling Green, the Smoky Pig has the best barbecue in the state, IMO. The sliced pork shoulder is a lot of work to eat but it's worth it, and their sides (esp. potato salad and coleslaw) are great too. Plus, they have RC Cola. It's so good I'm contemplating making the 3-hour drive this weekend just to pick up a couple pounds of their 'cue. Fabulous.

    Let me know if you'd like to be pointed in a particular direction, ethnic-food-wise, in Louisville. I have a couple of favorites, but they're a little more out of your way.

    Palermo Viejo
    1359 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204

    Cumberland Brews
    1576 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

    Jack Fry's
    1007 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204

    Uncle Pleasant's
    2126 S Preston St, Louisville, KY 40217

    Wild Eggs
    3985 Dutchmans Ln, Louisville, KY 40207

    Lynn's Paradise Cafe
    984 Barret Ave, Louisville, KY 40204