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Nov 11, 2009 01:56 PM

Saucy Joe's mobile sharpening

His card says knives, scissors and tools sharpened, repaired and sold. He was parked at Bush and Sansome today and told me he hopes to be there everyday. Anyone ever had him sharpen anything? If so, were you happy? Would be a convenient way for me to have knives sharpened before Thanksgiving, but I'd like to know he does a good job.

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    1. While it may not be a completely solid test, if I see electric grinding wheels of any kind, I run the other way. Too much steel is ground away, too many horrible mistakes can be had with such mechanical devices. I do it myself, it's actually kinda easy. But when i don't have the time or forethought, I visit Eric Weiss at the Berkeley Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. He's located at 2 other markets throughout the month, this is the only one I know of and can give a lead to.

      Eric does have instructional classes where you can learn to sharpen your own carbon or stainless steel knives. As him about it this coming Saturday morning and see what the deal is.

      xo, Biggles

      1. He sharpened two knives for me at Alemany one Saturday and did a fine job. My knives are not fancy. It seemed like a fair price for a convenient service.

        1. One of the knife-sharpening guys at some farmers market put a concave edge on one of my chef's knives. I took it to Columbus Cutlery and they fixed it.

          Columbus Cutlery
          358 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133