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Nov 11, 2009 01:50 PM

Romantic in Birmingham

Need restaurant reqs in BHam. Looking for upscale, romantic type place for dinner and a casual but yummy place for lunch.

Here's what I have come up with so far...lemmie know if you've been and what your experience was...or feel free to suggest something I haven't listed here.

Highlands Bar & Grill
Veranda on Highland

Silver Coin Indian Grill

Thanks a bunch for any help!

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  1. Satterfield's is not good. At all.

    Highands is fantastic, as is Veranda, but they aren't really romantic IMO. When I think romantic, I think small and out of the way. I would try Sol Y Luna or maybe GianMarco's in Homewood for a romantic dinner. The restaurant side of Bottega {Frank Stitt's Italian rest.} could be considered romantic and it's yummy.

    Sol Y Luna
    2811 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

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    1. re: KateMW

      Satterfield's is not romantic or just not good at all? All the reviews I've read are raving. Has it gone downhill, or did you never find that it was good?

      1. re: nikinik

        Satterfield's is both tasty and romantic. The other suggestions are great ones, and to that I would add Hot and Hot, Cafe Dupont and Daniel George for dinner.
        To the lunch list add Chez Fon Fon (5 Points south) and Bettola (Martin Biscuit Building on 3rd Ave S. at 29th St.

        Cafe Dupont
        113 20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

        Daniel George Restaurant
        2835 Culver Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223

        2901 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

        1. re: Big Daddy

          I guess we should ask you to define what you mean by "romantic." To me, that implies quiet, intimate, with perhaps somewhat dim lighting. If that is what you are looking for, in my opinion that would rule out some of the places listed above.

          Highlands has the best food in town, but even in the dining room it is not what I would call "quiet" (it can get somewhat noisy, and the bar area is extremely loud). Hot and Hot is exceptionally loud, and the food quality has declined over the past several years. I have not been to Veranda in quite some time, so I can't weigh in on that. I love GianMarco's and eat there often (usually at the bar), but the dining room tends to be bustling and loud.

          Atmosphere-wise, Satterfield's might be what you are looking for, but the food quality does not justify the very high prices there (I don't think it is bad, just not enough bang for the buck). I would say the exact same thing about Little Savannah.

          I think your best bets for somewhat quiet dining with very good food are (in this order from an intimacy standpoint) Cafe Dupont, daniel george and the restaurant side of Bottega.

          Cafe Dupont
          113 20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

          Little Savannah Restaurant
          3811 Clairmont Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222

          1. re: pinotboy

            I don't have a lot of prior year's experience with Hastings in the kitchen, but my 2 dining outings to Hot and Hot put them solidly in the top tier of the best dining establishments in town, at least in my book. Very well prepared if ... maybe a little predictable apps, amazing mains, and I don't eat desserts, as well as excellent primary service (runners and other FOH non-waiter staff could use some seasoning) combine for a great experience. With that said, both times was entertaining work company so it was on the company's dime.

            1. re: Dax

              Let me say this: I don't eat dessert all of the time, but their chocolate souffle is not to be missed (it is good all of the time)!

          2. re: Big Daddy

            Satterfield's is NOT romantic and it's not good either. It's over-priced and filled with people from the suburbs on date night. Bettola isn't romantic, unless you like looking at bored servers and bad first dates.

            2901 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

            1. re: KateMW

              Did the folks at Satterfield's or Bettola poison your dog or something? The level of anger in your comments is positively palpable.

              2901 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

              1. re: KateMW

                What other places to you hate, Kate? I'm looking for a new place to try.

                  1. re: Big Daddy

                    Not many, sorry! I just have had a number of REALLY bad dinners at Satterfield's and the service at Bettola is so bad.

          3. Here's what we decided....

            Dinner Friday: GianMarco's
            Dinner Saturday: Satterifeld's
            Lunch Saturday: Surin
            Lunch Sunday: Silver Coin

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            1. re: nikinik

              Those sound like good choices.
              If you'd prefer more authentic Asian food for Saturday lunch, I'd recommend Mr. Chen's in Hoover or Red Pearl in Birmingham. Both have threads on this site:
              Don't get me wrong: Surin is good. But Chen's and Red Pearl rise more to the level of your other choices.

              1. re: Big Daddy

                Between Red Pearl and Chen's, I would go with Chen's for the better date atmosphere. Red Pearl has great food, but some people might be a little turned off by the setting for a date. BTW, if you do want Surin, I find the one in Mountain Brook to be better than the one in 5 points.

                1. re: Big Daddy

                  We picked Surin's because we only had a limited amount of time to lunch break during our conference and Surin was near the hotel.

                  1. re: nikinik

                    You'll enjoy it. I'm particularly fond of the fried catfish, in a sweet-spicy sauce. It is perfectly fried; crunchy even in the sauce.
                    My wife loves the Massaman curry, which has a nice cinnamon flavor topping a complex sauce. Another favorite of mine is the basil sauce (with these you have a choice of meats or tofu).
                    The sushi is not bad, probably in the upper third in town.

                2. re: nikinik

                  Well what did you think of Satterfield's?? We need closure!!