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Nov 11, 2009 01:37 PM

Does anyone use a rotisserie anymore?

When I was a kid many years ago, my mother roasted chicken in a rotisserie. I would sit mesmerized in front of it and watch the meat turn slowly on the spit. Commercial establishments still make rotisserie chicken, but it occurs to me that I haven't seen a rotisserie in a home for years. Does anyone here still use one? Is a good home model available?

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  1. jfood's mom had one as well that she kept in the basement. It was a godsend. Jfood would love to have the ability to rotisserie as when he was a kid.

    1. Mom had a counter-top Farberware electric "grill" that was smoke-free. The rotisserie was an infernally complex mechanical system that, if assembled correctly, would caress a chicken, joint of beef, pork roast or turkey breast and dangle said meat over the heat creating a lovely crispy outside and juicy inside. To keep the kitchen clean we'd plug it in outisde and place it on the picnic table on our patio.

      Successes: soy sauce chicken with garlic slices, maple syrup glazed pork roast, chicken glazed (last minute) with Chinese-restaurant "duck sauce." Smoked pork butts, also glazed with duck sauce.

      Failures: a bone-in roast, bone incinerated; *anything* involving barbecue sauce; a whole turkey (the thing became top-heavy and toppled right off the counter).

      One had plenty of opportunity to do some serious power-basting with that thing. Delicious.

      I believe the Magic Chef range in our second home has a rotisserie in the oven. I think I saw the skewer part in a kitchen cabinet.

      1. oh, i need to haul mine out of the basement. it is the farberware one. works really well.

        1. They are great (the farberware ones) but Lord, do they suck power. I watched the wheel spinning like a top on my meter. Think it cost $25.00 in electricity to roast a three dollar bird!
          Our old GE range when i was a kid had a built in rotisserie. Mmmm.... my mom used it once a week for chicken and twice a year for roast beast. So-o-o good. Do any ovens come w/ rotisseries anymore? adam

          1. I've got one (and a dedicated IR rotisserie burner) on my gas grill. Use it all the time. Beef roast, ham, chickens, turkey, you name it.