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Nov 11, 2009 01:03 PM

St. Louis dinner ideas

Planning a nice dinner out in St. Louis over the holidays. There will be 7 adults, some of whom are foodies. Looking for suggestions on where to go for a memorable, delicious dinner.

Price isn't much of a concern, though we don't want to go someplace where we have to get super dressed up, nor do we want to go someplace that's pretentious simply for the sake of being pretentious.

Open to most any cuisine, though good Italian would be a plus. Unfortunately not everyone likes sushi or Indian, so neither of those.

Would also be nice if there were some nicer lounges/bars nearby so we could get drinks after.

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  1. Niche, Sidney Street, Franco, Monarch

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    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

      I'll second each of those recommendations, especially Niche and Monarch. For an Italian recommendation, I'd also include Acero.

    2. Can't recommend Niche highly enough, but if you can't get in there or if you're looking for an alternative go to Five in its new location on Daggett on the Hill. Absolutely first-rate in every way and you'll probably spend less there than at Niche.

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      1. re: alan

        I'm actually curious about Five and have been considering a visit due to the recent positive press. What is the dining room like? Their website doesn't provide any photos and I've not getten a good sense of the style/ambiance of the restaurant.

        1. re: michaelstl

          Doing a visual description is not my strong suit, but I'll try: Very comfortable, warm ambience. Somewhat larger than their former location (if that helps). Large artwork on the walls. Subdued lighting. And, you can hear your table companions, something that is a problem at a number of otherwise good restaurants. Hope that helps.

      2. 1. FRANCO: near perfect food. Then, after dinner, you can explore the bars in Soulard.

        2. RICARDO'S: excellent Italian food. Then, after dinner, you can explore the drinking places in Lafayette Square.

        1. Frazer's, 1111 Mississippi, Vin De Set,

          1. STL native here. Based on your notes, I highly recommend a reservation for your group at Kreis's (pron. Kris) restaraunt. They are located in the central/close in County corrider. Continental cuisine. Prime steaks, seafood---but they are most noted for the Prime Rib. Its orgasmic. Atmosphere once was dressy but not so much since more casual attire become common. Just a great old school first class classic, and won't really bust your budget unless you want to. My go-to for business, special occasions or just a great meal. You and you're family will find it memorable in a very good way, I asure you. Other recommendations here are nice places, but Kreis' isn't about fancy plated dishes, just high end food. Think Peter Luger's in Brooklyn NY. Here's some info links (no website for the restaraunt). Tell Luigi, who will welcome you, Hello.




            Prime Rib
            1205 S Grand Ave, Spencer, IA 51301

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            1. re: mtomto

              Kreis's is good or at least used to be. I have not been in a handful of years although I have thought about it.

              I personally do not think Kreis's appeals to the "foodie element" at all. It is an Old School German oriented Steakhouse type of restaurant.

              Is that what the OP is looking for?


              1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                FOTD, you reacted to the prior post exactly as I did. I still think that your recommendations or Five would more fully fill the bill.

                1. re: alan

                  I completely agree as well. Kreis would never be on a "foodie's" radar. It may serve good food and have pleasant service, but it's also definitely going to be uninteresting food and not a unique experience.

                  1. re: michaelstl

                    I have to agree with the last couple of posts. Kreis is a nice old school place with consistenlty good prime rib and does a nice mayfair salad etc. but I wouldn't call it memorable. I think Niche and Monarch would be considered memorable with the highlighting of seasonal and local products that they do so well.