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Nov 11, 2009 12:06 PM

Chuckwagon Cafe - Turner Valley

Went for a drive this moring south of the city and stopped in at the Chuckwagon Cafe in Turner Valley for lunch. The burgers here are fantastic, and the fries just as good. The seasoning on the meat was incredible and there was a very nice relish on the burger both of which really made the burger. My favorite burger in Calgary is from the Rockys burger bus in the foothills industrial area but this is worth the drive.

Alot of people were eating breakfast and it looked incredible also, huge plates of food. I guess I will be back soon to try the breakfast.

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  1. i've had the breakfast there, many times. big fan.

    1. Huge fan of the Chuckwagon. Faves are the adult grilled cheese, flat iron eggs benedict, and the burgers. And how do they make those blueberry pancakes so good?

      We also buy roasts from Terry, the owner; the meat is from his own steers. They are braising cuts, the good stuff is saved for the restaurant ;o)