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Nov 11, 2009 11:57 AM

Kosher Caterers Fairfield County/Westchester County

Looking to throw a Friday night dinner and Saturday kiddush lunch and want to find a really good caterer that is not too expensive. Any ideas? Any new caterers out there?

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  1. The Vaad of Fairfield County supervises two caterers-Esti's and Simcha. Contact info is at If you want dairy or fish you can also get from Sweet On You Cafe at the JCC in Stamford.

    Westchester options: Supersol in Scarsdale, New Roc Glatt in New Rochelle. Eden Wok or Grill Point in New Rochelle could also do something nice.

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      I've had Supersol's at numerous functions, as a guest I thought they were good.

    2. Abel Caterers out of New Haven.

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