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Nov 11, 2009 11:41 AM

Tallahassee Thanksgiving

I'm due to give birth thanksgiving weekend so we're just planning on doing some kind of take home meal for it. I had Publix's last year at our company party and it was very disappointing. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced take home Thanksgiving meal that tastes decent? Not looking for anything fancy here, just regular Thanksgiving fare that's already cooked so I just have to heat it up (or not which would be even better!).

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  1. THe Tallahassee Democrat is supposedly publishing a list of restaurants opened on Thanksgiving. Whether or not these will do take out is unclear. Last year Ted's Montana Grill was open and I think had turkey. A perenial place, Julies, on Monroe will probably be open and they do a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner at a reasonable cost. I've never eaten there, but hear it's clean and the food is good solid home style cooking.

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      The Marinated Mushroom (on Capital Circle) is a caterer/cafe that is taking orders for Thanksgiving take-out.

      I saw an ad that Cabell's American Bar and Grill (on Thomasville Rd.) will have a Thanksgiving Buffet and I am pretty sure it stated a take-out price.

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        I found the ad for the American Bar and Grill's Thanksgiving Buffet. Noon-5:00, 27 item buffet with roasted turkey, fried turkey, prime rib, BBQ ribs, Smoked ham, fried chicken and loads of sides and desserts. Adults $14.99. All to-go orders must be ordered 48 hours before pick-up. <>

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          Wow, that marinated mushroom sounds delicious! I'll definitely have to give it a try sometime even if it's not for Thanksgiving.