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Damon's in Glendale

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I've been going to Damons for the softball steaks since they were next door to Gayson's Camera on Central. (A very long time ago!) A friend of mine mentioned that this longtime family business has been sold. Has anyone been there lately? Are the steaks and chopped salad still the same? I know they took the naked black velvet painting out from behind the bar. I bet it would be worth a fortune on ebay today. Should I relegate Damons to a fond memory, or is it worth another visit?


Link: http://www.hotdogspot.com

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  1. As of a visit 2 weeks ago, all is well.

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      Steve Doggie-Dogg

      Whew! Thanks! I'll try to get there in the next couple of weeks.

      See ya

    2. I loved the old location. It was much denser and the monkey motif seemed to work a lot better. The atmosphere actually made the steaks seem to taste better and the drinks seemed stronger. When they built the Galleria and Damons had to move to Brand, I never seemed to enjoy it as much.

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        I've only been once, to the new location, and thought it wasn't nearly as cool as I was expecting...just kind of a failed stop on a weird continuum between Trader Vic's and Sizzler.

        I understand that I would probably feel differently if I had had more history with the place, but lacking that history, I'll never go back.

      2. I've only been once, and it was probably a year ago, but I was pleasantly surprised with the steak. Much better than I expected. Salad came with some sort of 1000 island dressing, which was perfect.

        Don't know what it was like in days of yore, but I'd like to go back & hope it sticks around a while.

        1. My opinion is that Damon's, up until it recently changed hands, was much better. I had always been beyond satisfied with the quality, quantity, salad and Mai Tais. I've found after the change, it's been inconsistent. Their meat, though usually good, has been tough on occasion. Their salad, garlic bread, and drinks are the same, though they raised the prices on the food. It's certainly less crowded than in days past. It's a Glendale institution,though, so we'll continue to go....at least for the Mai tais!

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            I dunno about less crowded - was an hour wait a week or so ago (Saturday night), and the bar was packed to the rafters.

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              We really like Damons.

              The Glendale Theater is just across the parking lot and If you try to eat before or after a performance there is a long wait.

              We check the Gleandale Theater schedule before going.

              BTW the Glendale Theater has good performances by talented cast. One of the best local stage venues we have found.

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                This got sort of lost in the NY bagel debate which has been buried below days-old posts. But it's worth repeating.... The Bagel Broker (Beverly & Orange Grove/Fairfax) makes the best bagels (i.e. closest to NY style) to be found in Los Angeles.

                Mr. Taster

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                  Whoops! Got my postings mixed up :-)

                  Mr. Taster

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              Went last Friday night and the waitress confirmed our suspicions, they have changed the ingredients to the World Famous Mai Tai’s. It used to be strictly a two limit drink with tons of flavor (need to make a run to the Tiki Ti) unfortunately it tastes like the one they give you in coach on the way to Hawaii. The steak has been drastically reduced in texture and flavor – sort of a glorified Sizzler now.

            3. My S.O. and I went last week and the steak was as good as ever.

              We always order the tenderloin and have it butterflied so it is not too charred on the outside.

              1. I'd been going to Damon's about once a month for years, but I've gone five times since it changed owners in January because it is better than ever. The steaks are perfectly cooked, tender and flavorful. The twice-baked potato is fluffier, and the house salad dressing definitely has more zing. The tiki decor is the same but it looks like they cleaned it up a lot. The staff is friendly and eager to please- they were very accomodating when we showed up in a group of eight people. The maitais are exactly the same- strong and good- the best around. You could pay more at other places but you wouldn't have as much fun.

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                  I've heard rumors that there has been still another change of ownership at Damon's in the last year? Not sure if it's true, but has anybody been recently? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

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                    I had met a friend for a few mai tai's some months back and after having a few at the bar we split a steak dinner.. not bad but not all that great either. Hit the spot after the 3rd cocktail. IIRC the salad came in a metal bowl that was pretty good..

                    Damons Glendale Steakhouse
                    317 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203