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Nov 11, 2009 11:01 AM

Favorite Restaurants in Sevilla

What are they? We have Barcelona pretty muched mapped out for our trip, but we still need some help with Sevilla. Any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA!

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  1. Hi! What budget, what time of year?
    Just outside Seville, the Hacienda Benasuza, 2 Michelin*, the second and less known Ferran Adria restaurant (at least one can get a table there without all the fuss of El Bulli...). Closed October to March, I think.
    A classic: Rio Grande on the river, overlooking the old town
    All the bars & restaurants in the Juderia and Santa Cruz, walk around, have a Manzanilla or a Fino and some tapas, move on and start again (alternative is Ron com Cola, or Orchata if non alcoholic drinker). Lots of tourists, but feel your way, the locals are there too!
    Look at San Marco, a nice group of restaurants in pretty buildings:
    The Japanese retaurant at the Afonso XIII is not bad either, but probably not what you are looking for :o)

    1. If you are in Seville for a short stay, eat tapas as they are some of the best anywhere in Spain. I would search this board as that topic has been discussed extensively. For excellent traditional food, Enique Beccara and Becerrita. Both are excellent for tapas but their seat down full service is just as good. For more modern take on Andalucian cooking, I would recommend Abantal. All three are in the moderate/expensive (about 50E before wine, etc.). Less expensive, Poncio and Sol y Sombra across the river in Triana.

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        Thank you both for your suggestions. I will look into them. We will be there for four nights next week. So excited!

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          Just back from Seville and based on all the hoopla we could hardly wait to get to Becerria. All six of us had something different and we all agreed it was overpriced and nobody could find any dish to really get excited about.

        2. In terms of tapitas in the Santa Cruz/Catedral/Alfalfa, here are my favorites. Regardless, make sure you get the solomillo al whisky somewhere:

          Las Columnas (Santa Cruz)- usually packed and a favorite with tourists and locals! Solomillo al whisky there is delicious (pork medallions in a whisky, lemon and olive oil sauce), as is flamenquin.

          Bar Manolo (in Alfalfa)- get their olives!!! Their solomillo is delicious as well.

          Casablanca (the other side of the catedral from Santa Cruz)- apparently where the King goes for tapas when staying in the nearby Alcazar.

          Also, make sure you go up to the terrace of the Hotel Doña María, right next to the Catedral, and have a drink (I recommend their agua de sevilla!)- worth it for the view alone!!

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            The tapas in Seville are incredible. My two favorite restaurants were both places I went to for tapas - Bar Las Teresas, and Enrique Becerra (I went to both twice). Las Teresas is super cheap, simple, and really good. Enrique Becerra is a little fancier, but also reasonable (for tapas at least), and very nicely executed. Have fun!

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              Restaurante Atarazana in Calle Dos de Mayo (near the bullring) does tapas (and full meals) with a good modern twist on the old classics. Very good desserts too, which is not always the case in Andalucia.

          2. an amazing michelin 1 star restaurant in seville (after you get tired of oil in everything): abantal, just outside the barrio santa cruz, so not know to tourists. not molecular cusine a la el bulli, but what the spanish call "creative" or "inventive": tradtional dishes done in a nouvelle cuisine fashion--be sure and try one of the tasting menus. absolutely fabulous!


            1. Well, in my opinion, if you are after something really special try Abantal. We dined there in April this year and had the degustation which was about 95 euros per person including wine to match each of the eight courses. It was wonderful; the staff looked after us very well and it was so pleasant to dine at a fine restaurant after two weeks of tapas munching in Girona, Barcelona, Madrid and the wonderful San Sebastian. The restaurant is in a bit of a funny location but don't let that put you off as once you get inside the tables are set beautifully and well separated from each other. I do have a copy of the degustation menu (in English) if anyone would like it emailed to them.

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              1. re: Bob Colman

                Bob, I'd love to see the degustation menu. Please send it to me at

                Many thanks!

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                  I, too, would like a copy, as we are going to be there in July. Thanks in advance.

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                    Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of dining at Abantal. The degustation is clearly very expensive but ViaMichelin seems to suggest that the carte is around the 60EUR mark. Can anyone confirm this? I'm taking three non-foodies and feel as though I need to prepare them for the hit their wallets are to take.

                    Many thanks.

                    1. re: ManInTransit

                      I don't know where you are getting the impression that the degustation is very expensive. As I posted on an earlier thread, last fall we had a 7-course tasting with wine pairings for 70 euros per person that was magnificent. This was one of the best values I have had in many years of travelling in Europe.

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                        Thank you very much, that's very reassuring. I saw someone above mention an 8-course 95EUR menu but hadn't noticed that was with wine as well.
                        It does sound sensational value, we are four students so it is still relatively dear for a student slalom through Spain but I think I can convince my companions at those prices.
                        Many thanks.

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                          Looking to hit up Abantal on a weekday for its tasting menu and pairings in September while in Sevilla for our honeymoon. For those who have been, would you recommend booking a lunch or dinner? I've lived in Spain before so I understand the difference, but I've found that some restaurants put the B-team on the dinner shift depending on the day. Thanks.

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                            Having only been there for dinner (on a Wednesday), I can't compare, but the chef was in residence and the servers were first-rate.