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Nov 11, 2009 10:51 AM

London lunchtime sashimi rec request

I've a Tuesday coming up (Dec 1) in London and I think I'd like me some sashimi for lunch.
My day will be taking me from Waterloo via Earls Court, Seven Dials, Waterloo and Marble Arch (in no particular order) to Victoria.
I'm thinking a platter of mixed sashimi and a glass of wine - I don't mind paying for quality fish and I will be dining alone. Lunch can be any time between 1 and 4pm.

Does anyone have any recs of places they've been to recently? Preferably somewhere I don't need to book as my times need to be flexible.

PS - I do know a fab little place in Earls Court but it is not open at lunchtime (Mai Food on Kenway Road).

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  1. Atari-ya might suit you. It's on James street, by Selfridges and not far from Marble Arch. Great fish, little ambiance, not too pricy and easy dining from one.

    1. Well, having analysed ALL the replies (!) I ended up at Yoshino (off Piccadilly) at about 2pm. I ordered the smaller of their 2 sashimi plates ('7 types') and a glass of wine. There were raised eyebrows when I declined miso soup and rice - but apart from that everyone was very friendly. It wasn't extremely busy, it being late for the lunch crowd. Downstairs (by the sushi-bar) every table was taken - so I went upstairs which was less than 1/4 full. (there was space at the sushi-bar but I was not offered a seat there and I didn't ask).
      I am used to seeing sashimi on a fairly bare plate - here it was arranged atop a mountain of shredded daikon, which was fairly pointless as there's no reason you'd be expecting a 'plateful' of food. There were also small piles of steamed seaweed, shredded red radish, squash (? it was orange/yellow and not carrot), and some cress.
      The fish were salmon, tuna, teriyaki eel, mackerel, two that I don't recall - and one of the '7 types' promised turned out to be omelette, which I thought was a bit of a cheek. The fish ws good and very fresh (no overt fishiness) - the ambience a bit cafeteria-like, the staff friendly, the toilets clean (very important!). I was not the only person dining alone.
      A service charge was automatically added to the bill, which came to about £27 - about £20 for the sashimi.
      Was it good? yes.
      But I still vastly prefer the lttle place in Earls Court I mentioned in the earlier post.