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Nov 11, 2009 09:29 AM

Sripraphai: 2 questions

At last, I'm going to visit Sripraphai for the 1st time next week. I love Thai food, and have been able to enjoy it on multiple trips to Thailand, and all over the west coast.
I was wondering about a couple of things:
1) planning to go early...say 6pm, on either Tuesday or Thursday. Would one of these days be better, or does it matter? Is there likely to be a long wait at 6pm?
2) Best food choices? I'm leaning toward the following: Tom Yum Goong, Catfish Salad, Larb, Sour Curry, anything with Duck...I've been told to avoid their Som Tom. Any other suggestions?

64-13 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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  1. In the better weather when the garden is open, I could almost guarantee no wait at those times. But even now you shouldn't have any problem getting in without a wait with 2-4 people on either day. (Even less on Tuesday).

    1. Earlier is definitely better when going. Arriving at 6PM on either a Tuesday or a Thursday (along with all the people you're dining with there) will likely get you a table right away (though I wouldn't arrive too much later than that).

      Some of my favorites there are:

      crispy watercress salad
      crispy catfish salad
      Kao-Soy (curry egg noodles)
      saute-ed crispy pork
      saute-ed crispy pork with Chinese broccoli
      ground meat (i think i usually ask for beef or pork) with chili, garlic and basil
      sweet sausage salad
      and i think it was the Panang curry (with beef) - it was very soupy and the meat was falling apart and pleasantly spicy and flavorful - good for a cold day.

      My only disappointment there was when I ordered what I don't think of as real Thai food (Pad Thai). I'd never tried it there and was curious. It was pretty blah.

      Everything else though has been wonderful. Happy eating!


      Glendale is hungry...

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        Pad Thai is the national dish and I'd say definately should be thought of as real Thai food but I can understand your frustration and where you are coming from. It is sooo common and even at 'good' thai restaurants no one seems to make a great version in NYC with most doing a poor overly sweet lacking nuance, bleh of a dish. Ohh how I wish someone would focus on making a great pad thai. It is truely a fantastic dish done well.

        I also lament NYC not having a great Gai Yang (bbq chicken) another very common dish

        1. re: dhs

          fwiw I think Srip's Pad Thai is pretty fantastic!

          1. re: dhs

            Have you tried the Pad Thai at Zabb? It's outstanding, which you'd expect from a restaurant more known for its noodle dishes.

            Zabb Elee
            71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

            1. re: jaingmaster

              I can't say I have tried it at Zabb but will definately give it a try soon. thanks for the heads up. It gives me hope!

              Zabb Elee
              71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

              1. re: dhs

                tried the Pad Thai at Zabb in Queens last night. I regret to report it was not very good. Soupy and sweet. As an offset the Som Tom was fantastic.

                1. re: dhs

                  I'm very sorry to hear that. My recollection of the times I've had it there is limited to "I really liked it". I'll have to try again and see if I can identify what aspect of the dish it is that I like.

        2. I'd agree with the others, 6PM on a weekday should be no problem getting seated.

          If you don't mind stinking the crisp fried garlic fish (it is a dry covering of fried garlic) is a favorite
          I like most som toms that are not too sweet. It is a great dish to turn up the heat on. Sri's version is good, get it with sticky rice and make sure they bring the rice in time to eat it together
          the Sri bufallo wings are good (and taste like I wish the BBQ Chicken did)
          Pic a salad or two, like Larb
          The Crispy Pork with Chinese Brocolli is always a winner
          Thai fried rice is nice but make sure you get the condiment - nam prik or nam pla prik and lime wedges to put on it

          enjoy, getting hungry here thinking about it

          1. The softshell crab or the crispy fish with green mango sauce. Anything with the green mango sauce, really. (I think they might make a catfish salad with it)
            The tom kha gai, if you like that kind of thing. (I do.) it's the best version i've had in the US. But make sure to ask for it phet phet.
            The pork curry with string beans.
            The crispy watercress salad (i prefer the vegetarian version)
            The yum woon sen isn't bad either if you're craving that kind of thing.
            I don't love the things with duck there, but others seem to.