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Feb 14, 2005 01:09 AM

Crenshaw District unknowns (to me, anyway)

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Made a run to Stevies' on the Strip on Saturday for great gumbo, fried chicken, and braised short ribs. On the 3 mile stretch of Crenshaw from the 10 to Slauson Blvd, I noticed many, many restaurants of interest. Some of them I recognized, some I didn't.

So a couple questions:

Has anyone checked out these two I haven't heard of?
a) Mama's Place (a few doors down from the Cobbler Lady). White tablecloth, and prominent sign boasting "best soul food in town." In this part of town? Mighty big claim. Talk amongst yourselves.

b) 99 cent Soul Food Express (across from the latest Phillips BBQ, just south of Adams). Line out the door at 4pm. Any good, or just cheap?

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  1. Forget Mama's Place. Don't believe everything you read. The Soul Food Express... I think you're talking about Chef Marilyns. Steam table food, decent, always a line out the door (much longer on Sundays after church.)

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    1. re: Sandra W.
      Professor Salt

      Does Chef Marilyn's have a big fish sign on the sidewalk, holding a menu?

      1. re: Sandra W.

        A good friend who knows that area well says Chef Marilyn's is really good. Although she says you used to be able to order ala carte and now it's sort of a meat & three arrangement. My friend particularly likes the pork chops.

      2. In the same mall as Mama's, but not facing the street, is a great little Chinese restaurant. I think it's called Kim's. It's Cantonese and the chef used to work in the New Moon in the fashion district (origniators of the Chinese Chicken Salad). It's more American-style chinese, but it's fantastic. Great won ton soup. They also have fried cream cheese won tons.

        Also, try Earle's Wieners on the east side of Crenshaw a couple blocks past MLK.

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        1. re: Dan-0

          My jaw dropped when someone actually mentioned Kim's on this board (though I may have missed it) A dozen or so great lunch specials- nicely executed dishes wih an abundance of fresh vegetables (the broccolli beef cooked perfectly and for under five bucks? With leftovers for dinner, too.

          1. re: sebastian

            Have you ever had the cheese-filled won tons?

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              Kims Has a KILLER 2 Pork chop Special with pork fried rice and Vegtable chop suey all for just 5.99 I Disagree about the Won ton soup though. It was Bland, Warm, Vegtables still raw. And the Wontons were thrown in straight from the freezer so the dough was all mushy...

          2. Re Chef Marilyn's: I was there about six weeks ago, and it was still a la carte friendly. Everything I've had there is very good. Definitely great for the price. I particularly like the fried chicken, oxtails, mac and cheese.