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Veal kidneys

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Any ideas where to get fresh veal kidneys? Have tried pork (good but not great) and older beef (threw it out). Had them in a bistro in Normandy and obsessed ever since. Live near annapolis.

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  1. My local asian market (H Mart) often has them. They don't always have every part, but they usually have an assortment of heart, liver, kidney, brain, etc.

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      I'd be very surprised if they are veal kidneys in an Asian market. Much more likely they are pig kidneys. I rarely see veal kidneys outside of a gourmet shop. I know there is a new butcher shop in Annapolis. I think it is called The Butcher Shop. Look them up and give them a call. My guess is they can special order them.

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        When I was there in the past, they've had NO offal on hand. Their offerings were mostly expensive aged steaks. Hardley a full service butcher, although I'm sure they could special order them.