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Nov 11, 2009 07:28 AM

Meetup for dinner somewhere in the greater Titusville NJ area?


Since your post is locked I'll give my suggestion here. Rouget is good, been several times. But not all that close to Titusville (my home town).

Right nearby in Pennington, just off Rt 31 is a BYOB named ZA. I first went there July 2, 2006 just a few days aafter they opened and I have been going back regularly ever since. Too bad it is November, they have a lovely patio covered with Wysterai during summer.

  1. I kind of feel like a trip to Nomad might be ideal for a group outing though - order a bunch of different pizzas and get to sample them all. Za is nice, but maybe better in the spring? It's very cramped indoors if I recall correctly...

    1. We prefer to have meetups planned offline, so please contact elk at the address given in the post. Thanks.