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Nov 11, 2009 07:20 AM



My parents are flying in for Thanksgiving day and we won't have time to cook a Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. We're thinking of going out to a restaurant for the event. Anyone have any GREAT (under $50-75/person) places in the Bev Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, even Malibu areas?

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  1. if you are willing to do 85pp, Craft would be ideal.

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      That's where I'm taking the family this year. What was it like? I've been to Craft NYC many times, but never for Thanksgiving.

    2. My L.A. thanksgiving restaurant of choice has always been Campanile, which is just about everything you could ask for in a great turkey-day meal. Here's the menu:

      I've had every Thanksgiving meal there for a decade (although this year I have an invitation for a home meal). It does get very crowded and there have been service glitches, but unlike other places on this big restaurant day I have never felt rushed.

      Foodwise, the only complaint I ever heard was from a friend who was disappointed that they serve pumpkin ice-cream pie instead of the traditional custard ... but then she raved about it.

      Without alcohol it comes out to $65 pp plus tax.

      Of course reservations are essential (here and anywhere else). Unfortunately it may be too late to get a good reservation time at Campanile, but give them a try.

      624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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        great! called Campanile and they said to try them back in case they had a cancellation. Any other recommendations?

      2. This is the open table link for restaurants available for Thanksgiving.

        1. You could try Whold Foods, they will prep the whole meal for you. I know theree are other places that do the same. You are a little late in the game for reservations.