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Nov 11, 2009 07:15 AM

Wimpy's, Osterville

Went to dinner at Wimpy's on main Street in Osterville Tuesday night.

The good:
We chose to sit in the tavern and it was busy for a November night on the Cape. And not just busy early. We left about 8.00 pm and the tables seemed a little less than half occupied.

We shared a very good calamari appetizer with a spicy/sweet sauce rather than the marinara, which was also offered. The calamari was perfectly fried, sweet and crisp. The sauce seemed to be bottled Thai sweet chili sauce, doctored to give it a bit more heat and tang. I cook with quite a bit of this type of sauce at home and was happy to have it used this way.

Pickled Beets!

We enjoyed the molten chocolate cake we shared for for dessert.

The service was pleasant and efficient. The food came surprisingly quickly. We sat for a very relaxing two hours and never felt rushed or ignored.

The bad:

Did my swordfish arrive in the kitchen frozen in a box? It was dry and flavorless. The lemon caper sauce was drab and added nothing to the dish. I ordered white rice but got jasmine rice, which was on the menu as a component of another entree. I was given a choice of potatoes or white rice. Should I have double checked to make sure I was not getting jasmine rice?

My DC ordered the stuffed seafood sampler. She liked it, especially the scallops. But, she said, "Too much stuffing! Way too much!" Even though I didn't taste it, it sure did look like overkill.

Disappointed. I had better memories of the place.

It does reinforce a rule I try to follow:

If a restaurant has sandwiches on the dinner menu, don't order dinner, order a sandwich.

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  1. Your report is about what I expect out of Wimpy's. Thanks for posting. We also prefer the tavern area, and find the waitstaff efficient and pleasant. The food is rather basic, and not a great value as the prices aren't really cheap. I'm surprised on the swordfish comments though as usually the seafood is what is worth ordering there. I like the seafood medley but couldn't agree more on the overuse of stuffing. I usually leave about half of it in the casserole. The Apps and sandwiches are pretty good so we'll frequently get a couple and share as a meal.

    My general opinion about Wimpy's is that it's a step up from Clancy's, Olivers, and Captain Parkers. Not great, but not awful like those three places. I hear that they've taken over the Riverway. Anyone been there yet?

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Yes, have been to the Riverway twice in the past few months. Sat at the bar both times - they had conch fritters as a special one night - they were quite good. Chewy but not doughy in a nice batter. Not sure what the sauce was, maybe a mixture of mayo and thai chili but whatever it was, it was a nice accompaniment. Second time had a pizza which was a good "bar pizza". Great service from the bartenders who were very busy but still attentive to those eating. Not fine dining by any stretch but good food and nice people.

      Riverway Lobster House
      1328 Route 28 South, Yarmouth, MA

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        CCG I agree totally. We pulled the plug on Wimpy's about three years ago because the service in the dinning area had become too erratic. Wimpy's seemed to always have a knack for hiring some folks to work the floor that just don't want the work and make their opinion known. I did love the baked Haddock with baked potato and it was not too far from our home. We'll check it out again a decade from now.