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Nov 11, 2009 06:33 AM

Houston Hounds - Help requested. Italian Food for tonight.

Hi - A couple of years ago (less than 2) I got reccomendations for a great little Italian place on Westheimer near downtown from this board.

Small, casual, moderately priced with great regional wine selection by the glass, incredible pizzas. Little courtyard out in front.

It was FANTASTIC, BUT I cannot remember the name of the place.

Does this sound familiar.

Can anyone refresh my memory on the name?

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  1. You are talking about Dolce Vita - it's great!

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    1. re: Paisley16

      That's it!

      Thanks so much!

      Gonna try and get there tonight for Dinner.

      1. re: masnole

        Is their pizza made in a wood oven? I was trying to tell from the photos on the website.

        Would I be comfortable going there by myself?

        1. re: onatrip

          absolutely,, I sit at the bar to eat and enjoy the festive activity.. enjoy

        2. re: masnole

          I hope you started with a blood orange prosecco! And I hope you had a couple of those appetizers...who would believe that something involving brussel sprouts could taste so good...I love Dolce Vita!

          And now, go to Vinoteca Poscol (another Marco Wiles place, further down Westheimer)and have their incredible dates poached in red wine and served over mascarpone for dessert!

          1. re: zorra

            What is appropriate attire for Dolce Vita?

            I drove by tonight but noticed that everyone in the parking lot was far better dressed than I was so I opted to go elsewhere.

            1. re: onatrip

              They must have been having a special party, or planning to go on to the theater or somewhere else after dinner. "Nice" casual is fine.

              So where did you go instead? :)

              1. re: zorra

                Zorra - They were all in nice suits - even the women in the group.

                I knew I was close to one of my favorite college haunts - Niko Niko's. Although it wasn't the pizza I was expecting, it is always a favorite. I've not been in months so it was still a nice treat.