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Recycling rotisserie chicken

I'd like to recycle 1/2 a leftover rotisserie chicken into a main course, but have gone blank. In warmer weather, I'd put it into pasta salad, but could use other suggestions. TIA

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  1. How about quesadillas or enchiladas? Pot pie might work, too. There's a very easy and good recipe for Tortilla Pie at epicurious that does not list cooked chicken as an ingredient, but sometimes I add it if I have to use up leftover chicken. I always use corn tortillas for this, too, as do many people who reviewed the recipe:


    1. Remove the meat from the carcass and roast the carcass to make stock with. You can use the homemade stock and the leftover chicken to make a wonderful chicken and dumplins or chicken soup or chicken pot pie.

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        i made the chicken and dumplins with mine...yum

      2. Chicken salad with dried cranberries, apples, candied pecans and gorgonzola.
        Tortilla soup, chicken noodle casserole, second the enchilads, or tacos.

        1. Chicken Salad
          Tortilla Soup - using the carcass to make the stock
          Pasta - saute onion & mushrooms, add chicken, maybe tyhme, cream, parmesan and toss with penne
          Any kind of mexican food-tostadas, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas

          1. You could do a warm chicken salad -- the kind with slivered almonds and celery and water chestnuts. Not the most chowish main but it's very tasty. Or chicken and dumplings, or shredded "barbecue" chicken, or chicken tortilla soup, or creamed chicken and biscuits. Some of those have already been mentioned.

            Wild mushroom and roasted chicken risotto? Then you could use the stock from the bones as the risotto liquid.

            You could add it to filling for egg rolls or spring rolls! That sounds pretty darn good.

            1. I do this with leftover turkey.. shred the bird, cream of mushroom soup, jalapenos, egg noodles, milk, salt, pepper, shredded cheese. Cook it down and it's just easy, warm comfort food.

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll probably start with soup and try them all eventually. I love the idea of roasting the carcass, and imagine that it adds flavor, but is that why it's done?

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                  Yup. It's our dear old friend Mr. Maillard! ;) Browned food is delicious.

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                    Thank you LauraGrace (and wikipedia) for introducing me to Mr. Maillard. : )

                2. This week I used 1/2 a rotisserie chicken to make baked chimichangas. I heat up a can of black beans with one chopped chili and 1 T adobo, mash about half, add 3 cloves crushed garlic. Then mix 1 pack Uncle Ben's brown Ready Rice (hey, this is convenience food) with 1 cup drained salsa. Layer beans, tomato rice, shredded chicken and some shredded cheddar on a flour tortilla, roll, spray with oil and back at 350 until golden and crispy (20 minutes?). That's one of my favorite lazy meals.
                  I also really like Pam Anderson's flatbreads from Perfect Recipes for Losing Weight. She makes a quick, unleavened dough and tops it with a bunch of different things, many times shredded rotisserie chicken.

                  1. I had the same dilemma, so I ripped the leftover chicken from the carcass and fried the chunks lightly in oil to crisp them up a bit. I then made a white sauce with whole black peppercorns, heating it until they were soft. Plated the chicken, poured over with sauce. Served with asparagus and, hehe, tater-tots.

                    Obviously this isn’t an “authentic” recipe, rather one of my last-minute concoctions, but it turned out pretty tasty.

                    1. Pasta (rotini, rotelli, or farfalle works fine), pesto, a little olive oil to thin the pesto out if it's store-bought, fresh broccoli, maybe black olives or sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese. It is my "take to", and seems to please even the fussy eaters.

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                        Miki, I just made this tonight with some pesto from the freezer. I sauteed the broccoli in a little garlic and crushed red pepper and steamed it for a couple of minutes, and then added both kalamatas that I wanted to use up and reconstituted sun-dried tomatoes. I also added a touch of cream after adding the pesto and chicken and stirred in a little parmesan. Very yummy! Thanks for the combo.

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                          You're making me hungry! You're welcome. : )

                      2. So many possibilities: I make chicken enchiladas, Indian butter chicken, chicken salad, chicken and wild mushroom lasagna, chicken sandwiches; I also toss it with rice noodles for various Thai dishes.
                        I always save the carcass and bones and put them in a zip-lock bag in the freezer. Once I've got about three birds' worth, I make a big pot of stock, and it has delicious flavor, better than when I start with raw parts. I've never actually roasted or browned those bones, just used them as they were, but I may try that next time; sounds like it might be even better.

                        1. With this cold weather, my vote goes to chicken pot pie. Definately make your own stock with the roasted carcass. I often buy Costco rotisserie chickens for pot pie, they're so cheap that I can't pass them up.

                          1. I like to use it shredded, with lots of shredded veggies, in a multi-layered phyllo "pie" or in phyllo "turnovers". You can use the stock to make a sauce to spoon over them.

                            Frankly, I also like to freeze the chicken cut-up to use in chicken salad in many variations. It's got more flavor for that than most chicken I cook at home. But I realize you're looking for an entree.

                            1. No shortage of suggestions, so I won't repeat...

                              BBQ Chicken Pizza
                              Sloppy Joe's with chicken...
                              Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip!!
                              Chicken Divan

                              1. Chicken Tortilla Soup. Delicious!!

                                1. We love these chickens. The leftovers can be used to make any number of dishes. Gumbo, Jambalaya, Asian soups with noodles, Mexican Sopas. Look at the prepared chicken dishes at Costco, that is what they do with their leftover chickens.

                                  1. In my 4H cooking group, we taught this delicious & easy soup:
                                    3 boxes Imagine free range chicken broth
                                    bring to simmer
                                    add 1 c "instant" brown rice (Uncle Ben's 5-minute brown)
                                    add 3 carrots, large chunks (inch or so)
                                    While rice & carrots are cooking, rip all meat from a prepared rotisserie chicken
                                    add meat
                                    add box of baby spinach after rice& carrots are cooked & meat has been added (just wilt--do not cook to death)

                                    You're all done! No other seasonings necessary.
                                    This became a fast & go-to favorite of many of our 4H families, and very kid friendly too.
                                    I can't vouch for your success if you use a different brand of broth. We found the Imagine broth to be the tastiest.

                                    1. Add Chicken A La King over some Jasmine or Basmati rice to that list. I make this all the time with my left over Costco Rotisserie Chicken.

                                      1. After stock has been made on the carcass, just about anything can be done with the meat and stock. I will sometimes make a Mexican soup that is so easy it's embarrassing. Heat up some stock, add a jar of salsa and a drained can of hominy (pozole), add shredded chicken (or pork, turkey, I haven't ever done this with beef or lamb) and heat through. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and/or scallions (or cilantro if you like it, I don't).