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Nov 11, 2009 04:47 AM

help with peanut brittle?

hi, i've got some unsalted roasted peanuts that i want to make into brittle for gift giving and eating.

what is your best tried and true recipe which can be made in a large-ish batch?

do you have any interesting add-ins or flavorings?

how do you wrap or package the brittle for gift giving? does it ever ship well?


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  1. I just made the Roasted Cashew and Bacon Brittle from Chow recipes. It was an easy recipe to make. I used roasted pecans in place of the cashews. I would pack it in an airtight tin, or use those Glad containers and decorate them.

    1. I've used different recipes. I can't lay my hands on a favorite right now. They're all good, basically. Any kind of brittle should ship well. I pack them in holiday-themed tins from the Container Store.

      1. If I'm giving the brittle in person, I give it as the big, irregular slab, simply wrapped in foil to conform to the shape and tied up with a ribbon with a small dollar-store hammer. It's a very fun way to gift it. For shipping, basic cookie tins work well.

        1. Hi alkapal, if you haven't already made your brittle, I have a very very good family recipe I can post for you - comes from my (late, sadly) third cousin by marriage, who was a fabulous gardener and super cook ("it's Clara's recipe" uttered by my mother meant something especially good was in the offing).

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              With pleasure! I will post tomorrow latest.

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                Transcription of recipe card - I could hear my mother's voice for the first time in a long time while doing it.
                "Peanut Brittle (Clara)
                2c. sugar
                1c. corn syrup
                1c. water
                3c. mixed nuts or peanuts
                2T butter
                2t vanilla
                2t b. soda
                Mix sugar, syrup, and water in large pan. Cover, heat to boiling point. Uncover and cook rapidly to 236 deg F or syrup in cold water makes a soft ball. Stir in nuts bubbling all the time. Cook rapidly to 280 deg F or syrup dropped in water makes hard ball. Stir in butter. Continue cooking to 300 deg F when dropped in water it separates into threads that are brittle and hard. Stir in vanilla, sprinkle soda over top quickly then stir vigorously 15 seconds until mixture is puffy. Pour into jelly roll pan at once. Cool completely. Break into pieces. (Very good.) I use peanuts with skins on (Spanish).
                Mom/March 30, 1973"
                Sugar would be white granulated, b. soda baking soda of course. I would butter the jellyroll pan (as did she, I believe) and would add salt if using unsalted nuts. Super with mixed nuts too. Dangerous to have around.
                Would put it in a tin and cushion it well inside a bigger box to ship.
                I would be delighted to hear that you tried this recipe.