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Nov 10, 2009 08:15 PM

Dick and Jenny's

I'm sad to admit that, even as a frequent visitor, I've never been to Dick and Jenny's. I'm rectifying that over Thanksgiving weekend. Quick question: I realize there are no reservations, but is there a long wait? Is there a bar or something for that waiting?

Thanks all.

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  1. Yes there is a bar but it is very small, the best bet to avoid the wait is to get there a little before they open and you get seated quickly.

    1. I don't think you can even wait at the bar. It's usually filled with singles or couples dining. There is a comfortable covered patio with wicker furniture where you can have a glass of wine or cocktail while you wait. Call ahead and check their opening times for that weekend.

      1. There's a great bar around the corner called 45 Tchoup. If you tell the host at Dick & Jenny's that you'll be there, they will come get you if they can (otherwise, they'll give you a pretty good estimate for wait times). Great food!

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          The one time that I went to Dick & Jenny's we had to wait about 45 minutes. We did so next door at 45 Tchoup and had a great time. I think the hostess either walked or called over when our table was ready. 45 Tchoup is a perfect little NOLA neighborhood bar.