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Nov 10, 2009 07:46 PM

7D Dried Mangos in the city?

Have a friend who's in love with these but hasn't been able to find them outside of Hawaii or the Philippines. Anyone know of a store that sells them locally? Hate to have to mail order. Want to include as part of a Christmas gift. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've bought them in more places in New York than I can count- Whole foods, Fairway, the Park Slope Food Coop, just about every store that sells dried fruit. Look around and you too, shall find them.

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      Thank you so much. Figured they would be much more difficult to find.

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        Just curious. Have looked in a few Whole Foods and haven't seen them. Is there one in particular you've purchased them at?

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          Has anyone seen them in Fairway recently? Didn't see them today and the manager claimed they don't carry the brand.

        2. I buy them in costco all of the time


          1. You can always try the Filipino grocery stores in Woodside or the Asian markets in any of the Chinatowns. I've gotten Filipino dried mangoes, but don't recall if they were 7D,

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