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Nov 10, 2009 07:40 PM

Where to buy seafood (crab/lobster) in Ventura?

For the holidays we are heading from L.A up to Ventura to rent a beach house. Traditionally on Christmas Eve we have King crab legs and lobster. I'm hoping to purchase it in Ventura instead of in L.A, but I have no idea where to even start looking. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oceanpride Seafood is great. It's a little warehouse of seafood.

    (805) 644-4310
    2894 Bunsen Ave, Ventura, CA

    1. On Saturday's check out the Ventura Shopping center; there's an open air fish market which starts at 8am. Small selection but very fresh and reasonable prices; they will usually have spiny lobsters, squid, rock crabs, whole fish (sand dabs, rock fish, sculpin) live shrimp. No crab legs though

      You have to be there early though for the best selection.

      1. Hounds, are there any such places in Oxnard? That's where we'll be staying over the holidays.

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          Ventura and Oxnard are not very far apart.

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            Hook Line & Sinker, 2077 Oxnard Bl. in Oxnard. It's a fish & chips type restaurant with a fresh seafood counter and live lobster tank. I routinely buy fresh lobster here when going to Ranch 99 in Van Nuys isn't convienient for me.

            1. re: noodlie

              Great, thanks noodlie! That's right down the street from where we'll be.

              How's the price/quality of the lobster? Ever try other items there as well?