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Nov 10, 2009 07:05 PM

Giovanna's Carryout/ Harford Road- homemade tortellini at a carryout- others?

In 2007 several Hounds wrote about this carryout where the pastas, sauces, and soups are all homemade ***"tortellini like your Nona makes".

Owners Marie Rose and Valentino are in the process of training Michael, the new owner of their carryout, in the nuances of their recipes for the past month. My friend and fellow customer Frank who we met at Giovanna's is confident Michael will do a great job with the food but he is quite disturbed that he will lose his dear friends Marie Rose and Valentino. We will also miss them terribly but wish them the best as they move to Texas to be closer to their grandson and daughter. The staff will remain the same and they are confident that Michael who is Italian also will do a great job with the carryout.

My wife and I split the homemade tortellini with marinara sauce tonight with a homemade meatball, a large salad, and garlic bread. It was delicious as usual. (The chicken noodle soup is the best but we skipped it tonight.)

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