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Nov 10, 2009 06:59 PM

Fresh Chanterelles!

Scored about a pound and a half of fresh chanterelles. Anyone want to share some good recipes? Or steer me towards a source of recipes.

Porcinis are popping too. I found several pounds and had some fantastic polenta with goat cheese, shallots and porcinis.

Hedgehogs will be coming in about a month and a half. Those make the worlds best quesadillas.

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  1. Georgeanne Brennan in her book Food and Flavors of Haute Provence has an amazing recipe for Baked Pasta with Chanterelles. I'd look in to this recipe. By the way, the cookbook is amazing..

    1. I wash them well, slice them thickly, and saute on very high heat in a large pan with bacon (not pancetta!) and shallot and finish with a little garlic and parsley. They benefit greatly from a bit of pork smoke, salt alone isn't enough to bring out the great woodsy flavor. They exude a fair amount of liquid and you need to let it dry up and get a bit of crust.

      I almost always put them into a soft dinner omelette with gruyere and serve with a salad of tender leaves like mache. The pairing is very fine. Thieving toddler JudiAU is always swiping them from my half of the omelette. Maybe half a pound feeds three very generously, including two adults and one toddler who knows good food.

      If I have extras I'll throw them into a simple pasta, usually a bastardized spin on a carbonara.