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Nov 10, 2009 06:49 PM

maple syrup candy? soft like maple sugar on outside, hard in the center

When I was a kid, about 40 years ago, we had a neighbor who had a housekeeper that made maple candy. I still remember it - It was about the diameter of a biscuit and about a half inch thick. I don't know if she used a biscuit cutter to cut it from a slab or if she poured it into molds. Probably the latter.

The outside looked like maple sugar, grainy and almost crumbly. But if you broke it in two, you'd see that the sugar gradually changed so the inside became clear like brown glass. It wasn't hard like hard candy, it was brittle and could be chewed easily.

Has anyone made maple sugar candy and would know how to achieve this?

Btw, I've bought maple candy and it's always sugary throughout, not hard in the center.

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