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Nov 10, 2009 05:50 PM

Going to The Helmand for first time...any advice?

Going this weekend for the first time. I have heard good things about it. What dishes did you like, dislike and shouldn't miss!

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  1. Wow, pretty much everything there is amazing. The baby pumpkin appetizer, the bowlani and aushak apps (or entrees), the vegetarian aush soup.. Mmm, mmm. I'm making myself hungry. And I don't even eat meat, so I'm sure you'll get a ton more responses on that side of the menu.

    1. I had some type of braised meat (don't remember the name) served in something like a tandoori pot and flan for dessert. I agree that everything is can't miss good. We also have a non meat eater in our crowd and it's one of her favorites. We actually went to their place in San Fran and when the discussion with the staff got around to where we were from we had to sheepishly admit we didn't know they were 10 miles away but have been back many times since. Some of the dishes are spicy hot so if they say so believe them.

      1. Helmand is a favorite with my family too.
        Love the pumpkin appetizer! Sometimes I get a second one for dessert.
        We don't like the spinach that comes with some meals, so we ask for mushrooms instead.

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          we had a great dinner last night. Appetizers included the pumpkin which was super and 2 ravioli dishes, one stuffed with leeks and one with a kind of meat sauce and served with the flat bread. All delicious. Main courses included lamb chops-delicious and tender, chicken kabob and a sea bass dish. desert was a ice cream with dates figs and mango's. Great initial visit and will definitely go back. With drinks, bottle of cab, dinner, appetizers, mains and desert, dinner was $110.00 per couple. If you drink less then you can keep the price down.

        2. After all these years, I finally got to the Helmand in Baltimore, and I am wondering why I don't hear more about it. Maybe it's because it has been there for so long that it is not new enough?

          It is the most sohisticated Afghani food you are likely to find and miles better than what I have acceess to in the DC area. I agree with other reports that the baby pumkin and the aushak appetizers are very fine. They also have an auxilliary menu not listed online. - From that menu I had a lamb dish made with dried peaches. It came in a sweet, somewhat smokey and spicy sauce that was just right. Also with excellent turnips on the side. The rice here gets extra special mention. It comes out steaming hot and flecked with spices. One of the best servings of rice anywhere. And the cardamom tea was a bottomless cup.

          Desserts are not a strong suit and don't do much more than pad your check, so I suggest looking elsewhere for that.