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MSP-Sunday brunch restaurant with banquet for 40-60

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I am researching locations for an event in the Spring and I wanted to get some Chowhound advice on places I might not be thinking of.

I know we could always do a hotel ballroom, but I'd like to have a list of possible locations to discuss with my colleagues Thursday afternoon.

Thanks for all of your ideas!

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    1. re: princebaal

      So funny you would mention that. Its specifically the place we don't want to use, b/c that's where we've been holding our past functions.

      Thanks anyways.

      1. re: MayrMN

        Not sure if location is ultra important but Kozlaks does a wonder new orleans jazz brunch buffet on Sundays. Food is consistently good, staff is excellent, free parking - and there is "banquet" accommodations - downstairs in their restaurant. I know upstairs as well but I'm unsure of requirements on a Sunday. Fees for room/area rentals are cheap cheap cheap.