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Feb 13, 2005 03:04 PM

The best frozen yogurt shop...?

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frozen yogurt shop, where's the most popular?

will be down in LA, and wanting to know what is the best yogurt shop, or the most popular place for the locals?

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  1. my favorite is Bigg Chill, at the corner of Westwood and Olympic. They have 3 standard flavors (Vanilla, Ghiradelli Chocolate & PB) plus 3 rotating non-fat (sometimes a frozen custard) flavors, a non-dairy, 2 Carbolite flavors, and a WowCow (sugar-free I think).

    Sparky's on Main Street in SM is pretty good too! It's a cute little shop and the owner (or server? he's there whenever i go) is very friendly.

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    1. re: oli

      They also have a location in Studio City on the corner of Ventura and Laurel Canyon.

      1. re: Ash

        is that location open?

        1. re: dc
          Das Ubergeek

          It's not called the Bigg Chill, it's called Studio Yogurt, but yes, it's open and yes, it's very good.

        2. re: Ash

          Does anyone know if the new Pinkberry location on the corner of Ventura and Laurel Canyon is open yet?

          I passed by it on my way to TJ's a few weeks ago and it looked bare.

          1. re: oli

            I had Sparky's last week and thought it was crap. Generous, yet not good. BUT, the guy serving was most friendly so they get a few bonus points.

            1. re: onethatgotaway

              NO NO NO NO! Sparky's is my life! Please give it another try! Why was it so bad?

          2. not exactly what you asked for, but still noteworthy.

            for frozen custard (not yogurt) go to Likety Split in El Segundo on main st.

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            1. re: westsidegal

              Kill Devil's in Lake Forest (and Temecula, but I haven't been to that location) has much smoother and richer frozen custard.

            2. I like 21 Choices. It is like Coldstone, but with frozen yogurt. I had it before ever trying Coldstone and was very disappointed when I tried Coldstone, I like 21 Choices better.


              1. For regular yogurt I like Angelina on Bedford in BH.
                For mix-ins Brentwood Yogurt Cafe or Down to Earth in WW.
                For gelato Il Cono is the be all and end all.

                1. j
                  Jimmy Dickinson

                  THIS PLACE IS SO NEW AND SO CUTE!

                  You all should go have Pink Berry frozen yogurt if you never had it. It is on Huntley at SM BLVD next to a hard-core leather shop and by Murkami kind-of.

                  They have green tea yogurt and plain yogurt but they don't have nutritional information yet so enjoy!

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                  1. re: Jimmy Dickinson

                    where is SM blvd? is it santa monica blvd?