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Nov 10, 2009 03:56 PM

Northampton, MA need a delicious birthday cake

Daughter a freshman at Smith. Need a great birthday cake for her. Will be ordering from North Carolina. Thanks for any help!

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  1. I have a hard time going to Northampton and NOT going to La Fiorentina Pastry Shop. I'm a fool for their cannoli, but have sampled many of their other treats and they are simply outstanding.

    Check out all the variations of cake from which to choose!

    Take it from another November birthday girl--this is the place! :)

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      1. Am a baker and a serious pastry hound. Semi-disagree about La Fiorentina. Typical Italian bakery but with less than stellar ingredients., often bland.
        If your daughter or one oif her friends has a car, I think your best bet for a real layer cake, with a true buttercream and excellent cake (plus nicely decorated) is Bread Euphoria.
        It's a few miles east of Smith, but they are excellent bakers who use only fresh butter, cream etc, and local ingredients as available.
        Even now make a local wheat bread, though I haven't tried that yet.

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          Opps, early in the morning and am directionally challenged. Store is west of Smith.

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            I also bake and consider myself a serious pastry hound. Guess I should refrain from recommending a cake when what draws me to La Fiorentina is their cannoli, which are fabulous. :) But the ingredients in the cannoli are certainly not "less than stellar" or "bland"--and their tiramisu is quite nice, so I could only imagine, based on that, a birthday cake from La Fiorentina would be just as delicious. Do you honestly think La Fiorentina does not use "fresh butter, cream etc." to bake their cakes? I wasn't sure what you meant by that. Perhaps I'm just nostalgic for Italian bakery birthday cakes (with layers of fresh strawberries, peaches and whipped cream) as that was what I grew up with...that is, if my mom didn't bake.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              "Do you honestly think La Fiorentina does not use "fresh butter, cream etc." to bake their cakes?".................yes.
              As to cakes, not italian pastries, the frosting at LaF was a confectionery sugar, and I doubt the cake was butter based.
              BE uses real buttercream or ganache, and everything is made with local or organic butter as available.
              To each their own.

              1. re: mjoyous

                I agree with mjoyous - every time I've had something from La Fiorentina, I wasn't inspired to go for more (although I haven't tried their cannoli). I distinctly remember an eclair that was kind of too dry, and a chocolate mousse that was not that good. Sorry.

                1. re: mjoyous

                  La Fiorentina's cakes are always too sugary for me. Their cannoli and sfogliatelle are very good, however.

            2. Greggory's Pastry Shop, Hadley Ma 413-586-9900 or you can try Atkins Farms both have tasty cakes.

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                Greggory's is great but if they don't have a car, they won't be able to get the cake. I wonder if Bakery Normande could do a cake. They're just great. Right in Noho

              2. What did you decide on, and was it enjoyed?