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Nov 10, 2009 03:32 PM

Thanksgiving Buffet

So after some deliberation, the fam has decided to go out for Thanksgiving dinner.
Based on the demographics and particulars of my family, I think a buffet style dinner would probably be the right call.

I think Salty's, Ray's and Kaspar's do the best, but those are long filled up.
The Watermark used to have one, but they gone to a limited menu in lieu of the buffet setup.

A couple of others have come up in my research:

Brassierie Margeaux does a buffet. I've only been there for happy hour.
Anyone have a better sense of their food? Or even been to Thanksgiving there?

I've also see a listing for a buffet at the "Lobster Shop" in Tacoma.
I've never heard of this place. Anyone?

Other recommendations?

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  1. I've been to dinner many times to Brasserie Margaux...I'd recommend their french-inspired cooking...reliable quality and I find the dining room pleasant, the wait staff attentive and the parking always easy.

    1. I've also found one at Calcutta Grill at the Newcastle Golf Club, but I'm not sure I want to head all the way to Newcastle for Thanksgiving.

      I guess Brasserie Margaux it is.
      I'll report back.

      Brasserie Margaux
      401 Lenora Street, Seattle, WA 98121

      Calcutta Grill
      15500 Six Penny Lane, Newcastle, WA 98059

      1. I was on the wait list at Kaspars and they just called saying they had a few openings so we jumped on it.