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Nov 10, 2009 02:45 PM

Quebec City - Help me finish my weekend of eating


I will be spending a weekend in QC in December. I have searched the boards here quite a bit but would like one more piece of advice.

Here is the plan thus far:

Friday night - L'Echaude
Saturday Night - Toast
Sunday Brunch - Le Clocher Penche

I wanted to go to Pien Beni or L'Utopia Sunday night but both places appear to be closed. Any good recs for a Sunday night out? We are staying at Hôtel Manoir d'Auteuil in Old Quebec City.

We both love seafood, if there is a place that specializes in local seafood from the area, that would be great. Other than that, we are not picky. Love the bistros, italian....pretty much all cuisines. I guess nothing too fancy as we will probably be spending lot's more the previous days. Just want a nice casual meal to end with.

Thanks a lot

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