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Nov 10, 2009 02:13 PM

Hi... anyone know where to get the BEST fried chicken in Koreatown??

Many thanks! We are heading up there to look at a few karaoke places for a small bday party next month, and have the crave!

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  1. well there are only two fried chicken places in ktown...if you're looking for korean wings then you need to go mad about wings on the 5th between 31st and 32nd on the west side of the street, 2nd floor...chicken is good, but be forewarned it will take ~30+ mins b/c they fry the chicken fresh and the service generally sucks

    the other place is baden baden, which serves tong dak (whole fried chicken different than the wings, kind of looks like rotisserie chicken, but its actually fried...not like KFC if thats what you're thinking). BB is on 32nd between bway and 5th on the southside of the street, 2nd floor

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      There's also K Town Chicken and Hof on the sublevel of 34 W 32nd Street, which I happen to go to last night on a KFC craving. I was sold on the $13.95 ($15 including tax) deal for to-go orders posted on a sign outside. We asked the waiter if the deal included spicy fried chicken, he didn't know, so he asked the bartender, who confirmed it. The wait was 20-25 minutes which is typical for these things. When it was brought out, the bartender popped some holes in the aluminum foil to keep it from getting soggy. It came with some pickled daikon and a tiny iceberg and cabbage salad with a french dressing. The verdict was that it was quite soggy, even though I, we dug into it about 10 minutes after receiving it. I've eaten crispier KFC from the BBQ Chicken on Saint Mark's after the same amount of wait. Several of the pieces had a strange gluey texture. I wasn't sure if I was eating extra thick skin, cartilage, or soggy batter. I was pretty disappointed in K Town Chicken and Hof, which is too bad because it's a good price, but I can't recommend it. I know the OP asked for the BEST, but I'm posting this for posterity.

      Good news is that the despite the seemingly halting start and stop construction of the Kyochon on the NE corner of 32nd and 5th Ave - it looks like it's going through and may open this winter. As we walked by it, I saw some workers put up new posters around the site saying it's indeed coming.

      BBQ Chicken
      26 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

      319 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016

      1. re: panoz

        I thought the kyochon signs said fall, which made me feel like we had to wait a whole other year. How long as it been already? I feel like I'm waiting for Godot at this point. It better be crazy delicious.

        1. re: windycity

          they changed it, it supposed to open early 2010

      2. re: Lau

        i think it's called mad for chicken, not mad about wings..

        1. re: tkm616

          yeah ure right, im not sure why i wrote that

        2. re: Lau

          Baden Baden is the best ive had.I think theres a Bon Chon in K town also

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            well baden baden is a different type of fried chicken...its tong dak

            if the OP is looking for korean fried chicken, he/she is likely looking for the wings

            although i agree with you, i like baden baden

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              the bonchon is now called mad for chicken - worst name change ever.....

              1. re: thew

                Hi, belated thanks.

                We hit baden baden. Good stuff. Could use a better beer list though for a "hof."