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Nov 10, 2009 02:02 PM

Samosas wholesale in Vancouver or thereabouts...

Hello my fellow chowhounders,

I'm looking to acquire 100 or so samosas for a party this weekend. It's tight notice, probably.. But are there any reputable samosa distributors that might be able to hook me up? I heard rumour that in Surrey you can buy them at 20 cents a piece...


Thank you.

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  1. El Sureno (a Latin American grocery store run by an Indian family) has frozen samosas. Maybe you can pre-order? I'd love to here about the Surrey connection. I'm sure it is underground.

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    1. re: fmed

      Thanks. I just called them and he said they don't sell samosas...


      1. re: sophie.

        Sorry sophie. I definitely have purchased them there in the past.

        1. re: fmed

          El Sureno is not the best spot for exceptional service. Even in person, the language barrier made it near impossible to communicate with the staff. Over the phone, who knows what the response could be! I still like the spot, as it has an incredible amount of Central and South American ingredients... but it's an awkward place to shop at.

          1. re: peter.v

            I just remembered to post an update....

            They did use to sell homemade samosa, but the city inspector asked them to remove them recently as they weren't approved for sale (nothing wrong with them at all). They will start to sell them but from an approved source in couple of weeks give or take.

    2. I found Pak Punjab Sweet and Samosa House on yelp.

      Anyone been there? They sell samosas at 50 cents a piece.

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      1. re: sophie.

        I have never tried those places you mentioned but my parents buy them quite a bit and Calgary Sweets samosas taste very similar to homemade-I would try bringing them down to .50 since you are ordering so many....

        Calgary Sweets
        7928 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W4E8, CA

      2. Calgary Sweets in Surrey makes delicious samosas but they are about .75 a piece I believe? I would call and ask if they can do it and ask for a discount because you are ordering so many. Locally, I like Sitar's samosas. Prabu Sweets also makes good ones. I would call around and compare prices and who is able to do it for you out of the 3 I mentioned. Make sure you get the mint chutney and the red one with your order (they will only give you the red if you don't ask):).

        Calgary Sweets
        7928 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W4E8, CA

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          Agree that any Indian restaurant kitchen of your choice could produce them easily-just be careful as to what you order/receive.

          You could end up with some barely bite sized pastries for a full sized price.

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            Just a tip I got from my parents recently: Because we don't have many good choices (with regards to budget friendly samosas) in Downtown Vancouver, buy them half cooked/fried (most sweet shops will sell them to you this way) and store them in your freezer. When you have unexpected guests finish them off in the oven 375 for 20 minutes and you have samosas that taste as if you just bought them freshly fried without a trip out to either little india...

            1. re: selena03

              I ended up buying 100 veggie samosas from Pak Punjab in Surrey for $50, tax included.

              Though I am no connoisseur, and did not have the opportunity to conduct a Surrey-wide samosa tasting, Pak Punjab's samosas were supremely tasty.

              Larger than many samosas you encounter within the city limits (especially on the west side), Pak Punjab samosas had a perfect balance of heat-- spicy, but not to the point that requires forewarning. They were even better with the accompanying sweet dipping sauce.

              Good tip, Selena. We did not buy them half cooked, but as there were none left the next day we did not freeze them either. I wonder how well a frozen fully cooked samosa would reheat...

              To serve them hot, I threw them on a cookie sheet and into the oven at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

              The party was a college kegger as well as a club fundraiser. We waited until everyone was sufficiently inebriated (11 or so) to bring out the samosas. Then we sold them for $2 a piece, creating somewhat of a samosa frenzy. I was hawking them like a beer girl at a ballgame.

              Expectations are generally low in such situations, so to offer fresh, hot, fried anything to a drunken college crowd is to assure success. That said, everyone was quite impressed and many returned for seconds.

              Unfortunately they were so popular that there were none to take home the next day.
              I am scheduling another trek to Surrey and intend to buy again in bulk, then stock my freezer.

              Thanks for the input on this, everyone.

          2. New Novelty at 51st and Fraser used to have excellent samosas 5 for a dollar, not sure of the current price.