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Nov 10, 2009 01:36 PM

How to Wrap Home Made Bread

I have been addicted to making No Knead bread lately. I am trying not to eat all the bread that I make so I have been giving it away. I have not come up with an ideal way to wrap it up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to wrap it up so it looks fancy but is breathable so it doesn't sweat?

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  1. I've given baked good gifts wrapped in cotton fabric. If your bread is loaf shaped, wrap the fabric around it like a Tootsie Roll and tie either end with gros grain ribbon. If your bread is a round, artisan shape, gather the fabric at the top and tie it. If you find fabric you really like, buy a couple of yards and be ready for next time. These days I'd be on the safe side and launder the fabric first.

    1. King Arthur sells bread bags--don't know if they are "breathable". Plastic is a semi-permeable membrane, and I think if the bread is thoroughly cool, it shouldn't sweat.

      I'm not a bread maker--YET. Just got 'Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day' so I will be in your shoes soon!

      The local firehouse will be the 'stuckees' for my extra bread!

      1. Ikea sells cotton and linen tea towels very, very cheaply. Get a few. Sew them into sleeves with a seam down both sides. Or don't and tie it up with some cotton string. Tell your recipients if they return the towels/sacks they will get some more bread in the future and when you don't have a sack, you can't share anymore.

        BTW, those towels are great for your No Knead bread. Set a couple aside to flour thoroughly and store them in something like a Cambro tub between bakings. Never wash it /them -- the more they get used the more they get impregnated with flour the less wet dough will stick to them.