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Nov 10, 2009 01:14 PM

Help! How do I cook two frozen Beef Wellingtons?

We were given two frozen Beef Wellingtons. I have no clue how to cook them. They are defrosting at room temp right now. Help

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  1. You could probably go ahead and cook them frozen. Most puff pastry items with par-cooked fillings do fine when cooked from frozen. I do it all the time.

    I would heat the oven to 400, at least, and give them at least 20 minutes. You will know they are done when some filling has either oozed a little and is sizzling. If the crust starts browning before you can smell the filling, cover lightly with foil, like a pie crust edge, but don't wrap them.

    1. I would NOT defrost these at room temp -- your pastry will be ruined. I'd cook them at about 375 until the internal temp is what you like. If the pastry starts to get too brown, slip a piece of foil on top.

      1. The chef at the restaurant I used to work at tried to roast a frozen wellington (ran out of fresh during Valentine's Day rush) and while the pastry was a nice golden brown, the inside was cold and it bled onto the pastry rendering it unservable.

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          The interior must not have been cooked enough in the first place. In my experience, using a par cooked hunk of meat & vegs in the center of puff pastry freezes well and cooks well right from frozen. The meat wouldn't bleed, if it was seared right, initially. Or, if it was raw to begin with, that's different problem.

        2. Followed your instructions, and they were perfect! I made some sauteed mushrooms as a side and it was wonderful! Thank you to everyone!