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Nov 10, 2009 12:42 PM

Need Recommendations for Thanksgiving Dinner in Vegas...

A friend of mine is going to be in Vegas over Thanksgiving. Are there any standouts that may do something a bit different for Thanksgiving?


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  1. We live here and always go to Lawry's for Thanksgiving. The place is packed, but they handle their reservations very professionally. You can get a traditional turkey dinner, or their prime rib, maybe other thing, I forget. It is always a fun time there and good food. Thanksgiving dinner is available all over the place, anyplace that serves food, so take your pick. MIke

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      Thanks. I used to live in Vegas and Lawry's was always fun around the Holidays. I will tell my friend. My only caveat is that his wife is Vegetarian, so she may get the short end of the stick when trying to accommodate her tastes.

      Does anyone know any specific restaurants that have a thanksgiving menu?

    2. There are a few on this list. I think we may try Charlie Palmer Steak this year...

      1. I did fleur de lys a few years back and thought it was really good.