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Nov 10, 2009 12:17 PM

Best Saints Bar Food?

What's the best free football food in town? I have to say I have been to some amazing bar buffets, and some total clunkers.

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  1. I always advocate Finn McCool's. The owners always cook up something based on a theme that involves "cooking the competition". This week is Ram and potato stew for example. Apart from that, however, there is a potluck contest with a theme as well. The owners put out a theme and whoever brings in a dish gets a free drink. Everyone votes on the dishes and the winner gets a $20 bar tab. Because of the prize on the line, people tend to make pretty quality food. And it's all free of course. Plus it's a hell of a good place to watch the Saints.

    Finn McCools
    3701 Banks St, New Orleans, LA 70119

    1. Not free, but I always like watching daytime games at the Fairgrounds. Lots of TVs, plus raw oysters & corned beef & the races to entertain you.

      1. Mick's always has a nice spread. People (couples or small groups) sign up to cook for each game. The owner reimburses for the ingredients, and allows the cooks to use the bar's kitchen facilities, large serving implements, etc.

        Finn's is great, but is always very crowded. The bartenders handle it superbly and you won't have to wait too long for a drink, but you might have to settle for a less than ideal seating/standing arrangement. I like Mick's as a slightly lower-key alternative to Finn's.

        The Rendezvous had Indian food every Sunday. The Kingpin usually has some kind of grill or BBQ situation happening. 45 Tchoup always has a crock pot of something (chili, beans, etc.), with some bread, chips, salad, and meat (last week it was pork chops and sausage there). Henry's on Magazine has hot dogs and something else grilled, and sides.

        I don't know about best. By what criteria do you judge free bar food? It's free, and often hot. That's about enough for me.

        1. I would have to go with Finn McCool's also, only been once and I brought food for the party so it wasn't free for me...but I got to eat first. The atmosphere was great, almost ALL of the food was really good and the owners are a blast.

          Finn McCools
          3701 Banks St, New Orleans, LA 70119

          1. I'm partial to the sandwiches at Cajun Mike's, in the CBD. The cochon de lait, Cuban and BBQ are all winners. The manager there really puts thought and care into the menu. Good drink specials, too.