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Nov 10, 2009 12:00 PM

Private supper clubs or hidden kitchens in Seattle and Portland

Recently back from Paris where I had a great 10-course dinner at Hidden Kitchen, a "foodeasy" run by two former Seattle food industry-types out of their apartment. I know there are at least two similar private supper clubs in Seattle but can't recall the names-- can anyone help? Also interested to hear if PDX has anything similar.


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  1. Yes, they do exist in Seattle, but avoid publicity and prefer to fly under the radar-- partly to maintain the exclusivity of the club, but mostly because they are usually in violation of some health code and the organizers would prefer not to be fined (heavily). You may be thinking of "Gypsy" which has since disbanded (organized by the super fantastic Gabe Claycamp).

    Some local restaurants do similar events (family style, no-menu sort of affairs)-- Lark just had their "Whole Beast" event, and the Corson Building does fantastic dinners. I think even Sitka and Spruce used to do a dinner once a week where you could show up and eat whatever the chefs were cooking for a reasonable price.

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      Thanks, chococat. Yes, it was Gypsy. Name slipped my mind. There was another one, although if it still exists I doubt I'll find out its name through this board in light of the secretiveness of it all. I think the health department in Paris is more lax than that in King Co.

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        I've been to one here (not Gypsy) but like chocolat said, I'm not sure it's okay to post the name. BUT if you hang out on local message boards, read local blogs, and probably most importantly start to get to know the local bloggers/posters, I think you'll get tipped off onto some underground dinners.

    2. They are not "hidden" but of course Simpatica Catering serves a great dinner (haven't been since John left to start Toro Bravo though) on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 and brunch on Sunday. At Lincoln they were doing one seating dinners in the kitchen, called Commercial, you could inquire about if those are continuing ... haven't gotten an email in a while. There are a couple of hidden ones but again, the hosts don't want them publicized and shut down. There was also a wonderful chef's series being done on Burnside ... damn, what is the name of that, if I remember I'll post it. And Cork Wine Shop occasionally does some really wonderful dinners for 8 or 10 people with a winemaker, in his little shop on Alberta, but they are usually sold out to his regulars first. Darryl Johannides of Cork was the owner of the well regarded but now long gone Assiago.

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