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Nov 10, 2009 11:50 AM

Saltwater at MGM Detroit

Anyone have any feedback on this lately? I have been wanting to go to this since it opened and won Restaurant of the Year, and the opportunity has finally arisen. I looked at the menu online and it didn't look like the one I looked at a year ago, and after reading more about it I see that they have restructured it to better suit the economic climate. So, has anyone been there lately? Any updated reviews? I read a particularly bad review recently on TripAdvisor and I don't want to ask my parents to shell out $200+ for a mediocre dinner. My other option was Roast which I think I am leaning more towards after reading more about Saltwater.

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  1. I've never had a bad experience at a Mina restaurant and I loved Saltwater/Bourbon Steak since they'll let you order off either menu at either place if you ask.

    That said - they have his tartare, the cippino, and the pot pie - at least three amazing options. :-)

    1. Went late summer after the menu transition and had a very nice meal. It is casual and very approachable. The service has not dropped off and still an amazing dining room. It is not the high-end menu that it used to be at all which I believe led to some of the less favorable reviews. They no longer offer the Bourbon menu in Saltwater but if you push you can order any of their steak selections. Both Roast and Saltwater would be nice experiences with your parents; only downer for Saltwater may be the fact it is in a Casino.