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Nov 10, 2009 10:46 AM

Gelato Cake @ Sweet Orchid Gelato in Fremont

If you're in the market for an ice cream cake I just wanted to recommend this little Gelato shop called Sweet Orchid in Fremont that serves up Gelato Cakes. The cakes are more like gelato cheesecakes than the traditional ice cream cake in that it's basically a graham cracker base with a huge puck of gelato on top. The tops are nicely decorated and the outside is walled with a decorative pattern of a sweet doughy concoction.

The owner of the shop (I believe she's Chinese considering that the shop is right next to a 99 Ranch) can make a "cake" in any of the gelato flavors they have available, which includes Taro, Green Tea, Red Bean, Sesame, Pumpkin, Melon Sorbet, Coconut Sorbet, and other traditional and more asian inspired gelato flavors, given 48 hours notice.

They also have a couple of cakes in the display case, featuring a couple of flavors if you want a cake on the spot. They also have self-serve yogurt in the back, pretty standard stuff I believe.

By the way, the attached pictures are of leftovers of their largest size (10") cake.

Here's the info:
Sweet Orchid
34460 Fremont Blvd (next to 99 Ranch)
Fremont, CA 94555
(510) 739-6300
Mon-Sun 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

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  1. I tried this place the other day, and it's awesome! I love that each of the gelatos are made with thought and loving care by the owner, Leslie. She was super nice and happy to let us sample basically every flavor - everything ranging from your must-have hazelnut to more unusual flavors like red bean or chocolate bacon! I highly recommend the mango sorbetto - really tastes just like fresh juicy ripe mangoes! The prices are super reasonable - about $3.50 for a small cup, which includes two good-sized scoops of gelato. I'll have to go back to sample their fresh-made mochi - those looked super soft and delicious. Mmmmmm!