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Nov 10, 2009 10:45 AM

Lemon extract or oil

Okay, so I want to make some Italian lemon cookies - puffy ones with the icing sugar/lemon glaze on them. Go to the grocery store to buy some lemon extract, and pick up a bottle. Club house PURE lemon extract. Let me repeat, PURE lemon extract. Anyone want to guess what the ingredients are??

Propylene glycol, water, alcohol, flavour and colour.

Ummmm - should there not be something lemon in the ingredients besides the mysterious "flavour" ??

Is this the best I can do in Montreal (and no, lemon juice is not concentrated enough for these baking purposes - the amount of lemon juice needed would alter the batter).

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  1. I've seen organic lemon extract at Rachelle-Bery... haven't tried it, but I regularly use the orange extract from the same brand and it's a good product. The orange one is made of sunflower oil + orange oil and that's it.

    1. If all else fails, I've found that best way to get intense lemon flavour is to put lemon zest (peeled with a potato peeler so it's easier to remove) in your sugar for a while and let it soak up the oils. It works very well.

      1. Have you checked the Wilton lemon extract (sold at Ares)? I tried to find an ingredient listing online with no luck. Hope you find it!

        1. I'll be traveling to Montreal on the 22nd, stopping at King Arthur's in Vermont on the way North. I'll gladly pick some of the "good stuff" up for you if you can wait till then.

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            That would be amazing. Let me know how to get in touch with you. Thanks.

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              What are those cookies called, I love them, are they wedding cookies ?

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                Not sure, I got them from a friend's Italian grandmother. If you want the recipe, email me at and I'll send it along.

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                Email me at We'll be staying at the Vogue. And send me a reminder next Friday (20th) so I don't just forget :)

            2. I have discovered how healthy this extract is. I talked to my dentist about this and she agreed maybe once or twice a week. I put a drop or two on my toothbrush with my toothpaste-really cleans teeth. I not sure about swallowing it that concentrated.