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Nov 10, 2009 10:43 AM

Minneapolis mexican?

What's your favorite mexican in MSP? It is so hard for me to find good stuff here. Don Pablos is probably the best so far but I know there has to be better.

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  1. Head down E. Lake Street. Taqueria La Hacienda, Los Ocampo, bunch of places in Mercado Central are all very good.

    Taqueria La Hacienda
    334 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

    Mercado Central
    1515 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

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      1. The only Don Pablo's I know of is in Richfield and there is a really tasty mexican place called Mixteca. Penn and American Blvd I think. Not high on atmosphere but everything i've had is pretty good.

        1. Welcome, boardsurfer, to the beginning of a long and enjoyable journey.

          Here's a post that is ADMITTEDLY two years old, about an afternoon that one group spent tasting our way through some Mexican places in a 10-block stretch of Lake Street in Minneapolis.

          The purpose of this one is to give you a sense of the neighborhood, supply a few illustrative details, and calm any reservations you might have about just walking up and trying something. Once you're good with that, there are many many more recent posts that can add suggestions and fill out more details.


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            Oh, and don't forget to come back & tell us what you found!

          2. Ok, so the SP side of things: Boca Chica in SP is good, and they have a quick mex restaurant across the street. The lunch deals at the sit down place are good, and there is a buffet option, if you're feeling it.

            Ok, Don Pablo's is a chain, so you might be into Baja Sol Cantina. When I am in the mood for processed cheese queso, this is my go-to. Not everyone loves "authentic" mex.

            Baja Sol Cantina
            8335 Crystal View Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

            Baja Sol
            40 S 7th St Ste 243, Minneapolis, MN 55402