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Nov 10, 2009 10:38 AM

Goat butcher in madison, WI


Does any one know of a butcher who cuts the goat for a cheaper price in Madison, WI? I and some of my friends purchased a goat and used the bellmont butcher shop and it turned out to be too expensive. The goat was nearly 70 lbs in weight, but after butching, we got only 27 lb. He charged us $85.

I am looking a butcher who cuts the goat more efficiently and charges us cheaper.

Can some one help? Even if the butcher is 50 miles away from Madison, I am okay with it.


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    1. The two great butchers I know out this way (west of Madison) are Black Earth Meats in Black Earth and Straka Meats in Plain, WI. Don't know if either of them has experience with goat.

      1. The folks that "knock apart" my quarter of beef are Johnstown Foods. They are outside of Janesville and I've never had a problem - 608/883-2242.

        Another option might be Weber's in Cuba City - 608/744-2159

        If I had to guess which one is cheaper, I'd guess Johnstown. Small operation with very little overhead.

        1. Thanks to every one for the replies. I will check with these butchers and see if I can use any of them.


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            Where did you buy the goat? I am looking to buy goat cant find a reliable cheaper source. I found one in Mount Horeb, they want $2.00/lb live weight. Black Earth meats will charge $75 for processing, not sure if they are efficient and dont waste a lot of meat.

          2. We are Black Earth Meats. We do goats all the time. We also offer Halal blessing if that's necessary.

            Watch for buying live weight, though. The yield on goats can vary dramatically -- sometimes as low as 35%! The better way is to buy carcass weight. If you call our office, we might (key word) be able to find a goat for you.