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Nov 10, 2009 10:35 AM

(DFW) Wanted**Steak Sandwiches*** dead or alive (I mean well-done or rare) THIS IS A REAL MEAT EMERGENCY!

Need help-A friend of mine moved here to DFW from IL (Chicago suburbs), he swears there are no good steak sandwiches here. I refuse to believe that. This is steak country, I can't accept that the midwest is doing steak sandwiches better than TX. But so far, I can not dispute it. All I can find are Phiily style steak sandwiches (some really good ones I might add). That is what I need. I am desperately seeking a steak (slab of beef) in a 'rock-your-world', 'melt-in your-mouth' sandwich. HELP!!!!

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  1. My favorites are at the Libertine Bar and Houston's. Both are sliced though, but very delicious. Houston's is a basic prime rib and the Libertine's is a hanger steak with gruyere and sauteed onion.

    BTW, in my experience, Chicagoans rarely admit something might be as good or better outside the windy city, so you may be on a no-win mission. Although at least you'll get a good sandwich.

    1. After a friend told me about a Thanksgiving buffet at Mignon in Plano, I was checking out their website and happened to notice a Steak Sandwich on their lunch menu.

      I have never been to this restaurant, so have no idea the quality, but judging from menu selections - it does appear to be pricey.

      1. Bistro N at Nordstrom in Northpark Mall used to have a pretty darn good steak sandwich on its menu. Big slab of meat on I believe part of a baguette with blue cheese and onions.

        Bistro N
        8687 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75225

        1. Neighborhood Services

          The Flat Iron London Broil: just three steps: marinade/ grill/ slice
          *Bar Sandwich: roasted garlic & blue aioli/ caramelized onions 16 sliced tomato/ split & grilled French/ balsamic/ bag of warm chips

          Neighborhood Services
          5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

          1. Tell your friend that we don't realy DO steak sandwiches here.
            No doubt Chicago has better ones, as Texans choose to keep their steaks and sandwiches quite seperate.

            Apples and oranges....