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Nov 10, 2009 10:31 AM

Hard Hat Report Vol. 4

Continuing a great idea, the latest thread on new Austin chow.

At the Mueller retail center today, saw signs for Mr. Bone's Barbecue and Yo So Cool.

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  1. Torchy's Tacos announced on Twitter a Spicewood Springs location. Rejoice! Or not. I know I love them.

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    1. re: NWLarry

      I've never been because I couldn't get myself to stop there when I'd driven clear across town and Polvo's being just a few blocks more. However, this is Great news for the land of the bland, considering how much adoration they get.

      1. re: amysuehere

        They have listed January 14th on their website and Twitter as grand opening. It appears that they are on the Spicewood off of Mopac....I was hoping 183. Still, I'll take it.

        Have spoken to the Moonie's folks a couple of times, and it seems they are enduring a typical Austin permitting experience, but hope to be open soon.

        1. re: NWLarry

          they are where that hot dog place used to be just east of Mesa

          1. re: TroyTempest

            I wish them luck. That spot seems to be death to businesses. I will give them a try once they open.

      2. re: NWLarry

        The "Coming Soon" sign is up and construction is happening in the former Burger House location.

        1. re: NWLarry

          there's a Torchy's coming soon sign on the former Wok N' roll on Burnett.

          1. re: TroyTempest

            Wait - Wok-n-Roll closed? I hadn't noticed. The owner told me weeks ago that they would no longer get the duck that I liked so much, so I haven't really paid attention to the place.

            1. re: TroyTempest

              Bummer. Went by not too long ago and the sign said they were closed for vacation. I didn't know it was permanent! Guess we'll drive over to China Palace on Airport more, now.

            2. re: NWLarry

              This is regarding the store on Spicewood Springs.

              1. re: danny_w

                Why did my review get deleted? I got the green chili pork and the chicken fajita and they would have both been better except that the meat was quite dry on both of them, and the sauce was not enough to make up for it. I will give them another try after they have had a chance to work things out.

                1. re: danny_w

                  I think I am in love. I have had the Brush Fire twice now (once on flour and once on corn) and it has to be one of the best food items I have ever eaten! I will definitely get it on flour next time because the corn fell all apart in my hands and would just not hold together, plus I think the taste just goes better. It's hot, but oh soooooo gooood.

                    1. re: ChristineR

                      It's one of Torchy's Tacos - "Brushfire -Jamaican jerk chicken, grilled jalapenos, mango, Sour cream, and cilantro served on a flour tortilla with our Diablo sauce."

                      I've never had that one, but am a big fan of The Democrat.

                2. re: NWLarry

                  I went and got the green chili pork on corn, tomatillo, roja and chipotle sauce. Pretty darn good taco. Shredded pork was moist and had a nice charred crust with a kick of roasted green chili. Liked all the sauces I tried. Next one to try is the Democrat everyone to which everyone speaks so highly.

                3. Vivo is set to open on Dec. 11th in the Shopping Center on 620 by Roasters & RC Fowlers

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                  1. re: amykragan

                    Glad to hear there's a date. I drove through that shopping center a few weeks back and couldn't find where Vivo was coming in.

                    There's a new patisserie that is opening up in there, too. Don't recall if there was a name, just saw the word Patisserie as I was driving by. I'll check them out and report back. Hopefully they plan on serving more than just cupcakes and cookies.

                    1. re: verily

                      Sign says Michelle's Patisserie. Think this is the link for them, but not 100% sure.


                      1. re: ssouth

                        Michelle made my wedding cake! She used to operate out of her house in Cedar Park. I'm glad to hear she's opening up a retail location. Her cakes are excellent.

                  2. Cajun Pizza Place, McNeil and 183 (San Felipe)

                    Small restaurant in old converted house serving breakfast and lunch outside the Hospital on Radam lane. Don't remember the name.

                    Oasis getting a major remodel from the size of the construction documents.

                    The construction plans for Uchiko have been somewhat finalized and available.

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                    1. re: sqwertz

                      sqwertz is referring to Sharkys I believe

                      1. re: sqwertz

                        Cajun Pizza Place is open. They are located off McNeil in the same strip-center with the Firehouse Subs. I tried them last week and was satisfied. They serve pizza with a very crispy crust & lots of cheese. I tend to prefer New York/Connecticut style pizza (anything along the lines of Pepe's in New Haven), and Cajun Pizza certainly isn't that, but it was tasty. Served really hot (so hot I burned my mouth). Wait-staff was friendly. You can order at the counter for to-go, otherwise wait-staff come to your table. Price for a small pizza (enough for 2 people with smaller appetites, though I ate it all) & beverage was around $10, plus tip.

                        Maybe I'm missing something,but I couldn't see anything Cajun about the pepperoni pizza (though I liked it, so I'm not complaining). Menu also had several sandwiches which did sound Cajun, however.

                        1. re: quilter

                          i stopped in a few weeks ago and they were not open yet.
                          you have no idea how curious i have been to find out what "cajun pizza" is like!

                          1. re: dinaofdoom

                            Here's the website:

                            Looking at the menu, there's absolutely nothing cajun about the place, except for the so-called po'boys (no fried seafood options? for shame) and muffalettas. I was hoping for at least one pizza option with blackened shrimp, crawfish, or boudin, but nope, all the usual normal toppings.

                            1. re: verily

                              Wondering if it's the same owners as a pizza place I tried in Lafayette called Pizza Village. I was there for a conference last June and the owner mentioned that he might open a location in Austin since he lived there part of the year. The pizza was pretty good, reminding me a lot of a Pizza Hut that was actually run correctly.

                              1. re: verily

                                verily, i am also baffled by the lack of canjun-ness.
                                i'm no cajun, but the po'boy options had me scratching my head.

                                your pizza topping ideas sound great-- maybe you should open your own place ;-)

                                wonder how a muffaletta pizza would taste...
                                i love me some olives, and tapenade.

                            2. re: quilter

                              Quilter, reading your post made me think of John's Best in Norwalk. As a kid that was a great pizza!

                          2. 24 Diner, in the old Waterloo Ice House location, is now open.

                            1. Exotic Thai on Braker near Lamar is no more and is now Sushi Den. Exotic Thai about 6 months ago changed owners and menus and was no longer that interesting and now they've really dumbed down the menu (3 standard Thai dishes, some American Chinese Dishes). For lunch at least, they didn't seem to be serving sushi and I doubt I'd even try it there. Definitely one to avoid until they get their act together.

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                              1. re: Carter B.

                                Mama's Texas Cheesesteaks on e.12th a couple blocks west of Galloway.

                                It's a big old timey schoolbus parked in a muddy field. They've strung up some chicken wire to evoke a joint straight out of a Steinbeck novel.

                                It's a very appealing scene.

                                Has anyone been?

                                1. re: scrumptiouschef

                                  Smells good too- but when I went by no one came to the window. Lights were on, signs were up...But no one there to feed me!