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Nov 10, 2009 10:21 AM

Vermont Favorites

Coming to the east coast from Los Angeles and will be driving from Boston to Stowe - would love a few ideas for lunch and dinner on the way to and from Stowe and a few meals in and around Stowe. Only visiting for a couple days. Also, your favorite stops for cheese, syrup or other local finds would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. This is a list of my favourite spots in and around Barre/Montpelier. To get to links for all these places, you can go to my page of links (

    Barre - Barre Dogs
    This is a hot dog place. Cheap, decent hot dogs. Nothing outstanding, but worth it for a cheap, quick lunch. Good soups (homemade), and decent sides

    Barre - Ed's Barrr-B-Q
    This is the best BBQ I've had in the Central Vermont area (outside of my own, of course ;D). The prices are reasonable, the sides are good, the service staff are knowledgeable and pleasant. The ambiance is nice, the dining room is bright and comfortable. Worth heading into Barre for. This is not a good place for a vegetarian.

    Barre - El Sol Mexican Restaurant
    The prices here are reasonable, and the portions are pretty large. They can be a little slow on service, but they do cook to order. This isn't the best Mexican I've ever had, but it's most certainly the best in the area and the food is tasty.

    Barre - Lucia Restaurant
    The link for this is to a review of the restaurant, and others comments, on, because I couldn't find a better site to link to. This is a little pricey, and sometimes the service is uneven, but it's a decent option for dining in Barre. It's an Italian place, and the food is freshly made, served with Red Hen Bakery bread (which is always a good thing). Not worth a special trip if you're in Montpelier. Go to Sarducci's instead. But if you're in Barre for something else, it's worth stopping here for lunch or dinner.

    Barre - Simply Subs
    They have decent pizza and good sandwiches. And a sidewalk creemee stand to boot. This is a reasonable option for picking up lunch or dinner while in Barre, but probably not worth making a special trip.

    Montpelier - Black Door Bar and Bistro
    Higher end, high quality restaurant with live entertainment. Reliably good, though a bit expensive.

    Montpelier - Coffee Corner Diner
    The prices here are a tad bit high, but the portions are large and the food is good. They shake up their standard menu with interesting specials, and have an actual Chef doing the cooking, not just a short order cook. :) Wonderful for breakfast/lunch, not open for dinner.

    Montpelier - Dairy Creme
    This is the best cremee stand in the area. They serve various snacky things, like hot dogs and I think nachos, as well, but come for the frozen dessert treats! There is always one non-dairy cremee option on the menu in addition to the five other flavours they offer. If you want a hot dog, go to the guy selling from the cart in the park just a little ways from this stand, though (spring-summer).

    Montpelier - Hunger Mountain Coop
    This is a local food coop with a lot of prepared food options, and a little cafe, as well as a deli area. It's near to downtown and well worth exploring.

    Montpelier - Kismet
    This is a very vegetarian friendly restaurant serving local and/or fair trade produce/foods. They serve breakfast and lunch with their restaurant menu being available for take-out Wednesday through Friday 8 am through 2:45 pm. I haven't eaten here, but offer this as another vegetarian alternative. Cash or check only.

    Montpelier - La Brioche Bakery & Café
    Wonderful baked goods, nice place for a morning cup of coffee and some pastry. They also have a variety of desserts. The people working here are students at the New England Culinary Institute (which is based in Montpelier). This is a nice option for a snack or light breakfast/lunch.

    Montpelier - Langdon Street Cafe
    They focus on local product, healthier options, and have many vegetarian/vegan options. They serve mostly sandwiches, but also have breakfast with eggs. Live entertainment pretty much every night of the week. A wide variety of specially blended teas, coffee beverages, as well as unusual soda options. A funky and laid back ambiance, as well. Free Wi-Fi

    Montpelier - Positive Pie
    The service and food can be a bit hit or miss, and sometimes it is slow to come out. When it's good, it is very good. When it's not so good it isn't awful, but it's not worth the price. They have live performances here. Warning, the website is completely Flash, and I don't see any non-flash options. This is not a bad place to go if you have some time and want to make an evening of it. They also offer take-out at a counter in the back.

    Montpelier - Rhapsody Natural Foods
    All the vegans/vegetarians I know rave about it. It's a nice little restaurant with a good vibe and reasonable prices.

    Montpelier - Royal Orchid Thai Restaurant
    From all accounts the Thai food at this restaurant is fairly authentic and very good. The prices are reasonable. They have decent service and a nice ambiance, as well.

    Montpelier - Sarducci's
    Mid-priced Italian that is freshly prepared. Largely local food, good service. Main dining room is a little loud but the porch overlooking the river is wonderful

    Montpelier - That's Life Soup
    They have a regularly changing menu, fair prices, and a small restaurant. By all accounts the soups and sandwiches are outstanding.

    Montpelier - The Skinny Pancake
    Not just crepes but other options. Fresh local produce. Great prices, one of the best places in Montpelier. Fantastic food, and free wifi, to boot!

    1. If I were visiting Boston/Stowe from LA, here is what I would do:

      1. North End of Boston: Italian food / patries
      2. Boston proper: seafood (visit Boston threads for specifics)
      3. Stowe: Hen of the Wood (Waterbury) and Kitchen Table Bistro (Richmond)
      4. Laughing Moon Chocolate: Stowe
      5. Spa : Stoweflake

      Dress warm...................

      Kitchen Table Bistro
      1840 W Main St, Richmond, VT 05477

      1. A releative newcomer that is getting overlooked is the Threepenny Taproom in Montpelier. Almost 2 dozen American, Canadian, and Belgian beers on tap and a really interesting bar menu if you're a fan of the squiggly bits. Small plates of duck hearts, pig cheeks, guinea fowl necks, and homemade lardo and salumi. all sourced from local farms, and all for eight bucks or less. The dishes I sampled were very salty, but hey, it's bar food. It's supposed to make you want to drink more. All of them had deep, deep taste and went well with the craft brewed beers. I highly recommend.

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          I've added that to my delicious links. :) Thanks, rcianci. :)

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            If you are driving Rt 93 to Rt 89, Gould Hill orchard is not far off Rt 89 in NH
            They grow a large variety of heirloom apples. Sorry, can't remember exit # but after visiting the farm, back track to Rt 103 and continue on Rt 103. You can get back on Rt 89 in several places. It's a pleasant drive thru Contoocook.

            If you end up in the Concord NH area for lunch on your return trip, In A Pinch Cafe would be a quick but delicious stop for homemade soup and great salads or top quality sandwiches. They close early in the afternoon and might not be open on Sundays. Sorry, didn't see hours posted on their website.

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            Wow...thanks so much for this info...we'll definitely hit this up next time we're up...

          3. Breakfast at McCarthy's in Stowe. Lunch at Stowe Dogs (hot dogs) in Stowe. Dinner at the Alchemist in Waterbury.

            Stowe Dogs
            1880 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672