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Nov 10, 2009 10:12 AM

Restaurants in the 29 Palms/Yucca Valley area

I am going up to 29 Palms for a couple events this friday. I am looking for a place to eat near thr Motel 6 in 29 Palms. Any suggestions? I amtrying to acoid chains.

Thank you

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  1. The 29 palms inn has a decent recent with friendly service and reasonable prices.

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    1. Lord help you.

      I was on assignment in 29 Palms for 2 months a few years back and discovered that there are no restaurants, save for the Japanese hole-in-the-wall that were worth eating at. One experience, at a Mexican restaurant which was recommended by a local, was so incredibly bad, I have been asked to recount the story repeatedly over the years by family and friends because it is so hilarious in retrospect. I think it was Ramona's.


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        29 Palms does suck foodwise. It was already dark and freezing when I checked in so that left me with the choice of the Pizza Hut or Del Taco which were either of the motel. I chose the Pizza Hut. To tell the truth I would have eaten anything at that point and did.

        However going back home I noticed a Indian /Pizza Restaurant in Joshua Tree. If I am in the same situation next year I mught try that. I'd love to hear your Ramona's story sometime. :-)