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Nov 9, 2009 03:24 PM

Korean BBQ in Montreal [split from Restaurant Openings 2009]

i really hope that this is a "real" korean bbq that i'm used to in los angeles, where grill is built into the table itself and the main dishes are orders of raw meat where you cook it yourself. not that i have anything against the more homey style korean bbq of other respectable korean restaurants, but it just can't compare.

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  1. We already have that here, you know. Maison Bulgogi and the place on Cavendish who's name escapes me right now have built-in grills and other places will bring portable grills to your table. In fact I can't think of one Korean place in town that doesn't do one or the other. What places have you been to?

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      i've only been to manna, but the one time i looked into maison bulgogi, not a grill in sight. manna didn't have a raw "cook yourself" meat option. but then again, haven't been to another korean place since manna.
      i'm referring more to places that are exlusively korean bbq, where they only have about 4 main menu items, and they are usually a variation of raw pork, different cuts of beef, or steak, in increasing quantities and usually accompanied by a soup, rice, rice wraps, plates of salad and the typical side dishes.

      1. re: sharkbait88

        At Maison Bulgogi they have grills built into the tables. When not in use they are covered with large metal pizza-pan looking sheets. They have a meal for two option on their menu that comes with raw beef, pork, and chicken, if I remember correctly, and it is cooked at the table.

        1. re: mainsqueeze

          o really!? i've only glanced in while i walk past, but if thats true, i definitely have to go and give it a try :) i just never saw this on the menu that they have posted in the window, so i assumed that they didn't offer it.

          1. re: sharkbait88

            I've ordered it so unless they changed their menu I'm certain they have it. Enjoy.

    2. Given the neighbourhood, the tiny premises, the owner's modest investment (I've spoken with him - very nice young man) and the prices: sandwichs; $4; salads 6 to 8$, "meals" 6 to 9$, somehow I very much doubt that. Why do you put real in quotes?

      The photos show cooked, artfully (but simply) assembled food. Isn't that a valid style of Korean eating? (I'll ask moh).

      I suppose there are far more Koreans in Los Angeles, or Vancouver, but we are in Montréal.

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      1. re: lagatta

        i'm sorry, didn't mean to offend, but i just meant "real" as more concentrated on the bbq aspect of korean food. where i'm from, most korean restaurants are focused on one area of korean food, due to the larger population of korean people, like there will be one restaurant that sells a variety of only stone pot rice dishes, or one that will only sell the soups, and restaurants that only specialize in korean bbq, where they have full on bbq "service" etc.
        if you look at my previous post, i remarked that most of the korean restaurants here serve more of "home style" korean food, in a way that my mom would make at home for dinner, and of which i have nothing against, but i'm just missing some of that specialized korean food that i'm used to from back home, and was just hoping that maybe the korean place you were mentioning may have been like that, as more and more korean restos are popping up, my hopes are high on an increase/improvement/variance of korean food.

        1. re: sharkbait88

          Korean restos are not a specialty of Montreal. We don't really have the population base to support these kind of places, and the Quebecois population is only starting to become acquainted with Korean cuisine. For what it is worth, there has been a relative boom in the number of Korean places opening up in Montreal, and the scene has improved significantly.

          For the specialized BBQ places that you refer to, your best closest bet would be in TO.

          Here in Montreal, many places will offer the "Cook it yourself" version of Korean BBQ, you just might have to order a minimum amount of meat for them to crack out the BBQ pans for the table. But there are no exclusive BBQ restaurants, all the restaurants will offer other dishes as well as the BBQ dish. You just have to step into the resto and peruse the menu, and perhaps make a few enquiries to see if they offer roughly what you want. I don't think you will find something quite like the BBQ places they offer in cities like LA and NYC. YOu will find something similar, but it won't be full on BBQ service.

          1. re: moh

            thanks moh :) i guess i'll just have to wait until i go back home for some of that korean bbq goodness i've been missing.

      2. This thread contains some posts about Korean BBQ that we split off from the general Restaurant Openings 2009 thread. The original post that inspired this discussion is here:

        1. sharkbait's reply was to a post I wrote about a tiny place in my neighbourhood that bills itself as "bbq coréen":

          A new Korean barbecue place has opened near Beaubien and St-Laurent:

          Hiko Sun: bbq coréen

          57, rue Beaubien E.
          coin St-Dominique. (one street east of St-Laurent)

          phone: 514.564.4888

          This is in the small space formerly occupied by Pizza Tibet Libre; it is next to Itacate Mexican resto.

          They have :

          Sandwiches, salads, and "repas" (meals, but meaning main dishes).

          Prices are not high, though might be small plates. Full licence.

          No website as of yet. Their flyer only mentions the hours for delivery, not the opening hours. Delivery hours are: Mon-Fri: 11 am - 9 pm
          Saturday: 5 pm - 9 pm

          I'll pass by and check the restaurant hours. Sounds like they are closed on Sundays.

          By the way, I happened to cycle past Miga, a Korean restaurant on Rachel some people have written about and saw that they are a byow now.

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          1. There's a Korean BBQ place at Snowdon metro, near the Kanda there. I forget what it's called. It was alright, last I went there. It was all you can eat, and about the typical price for those places. The meal came out to about 21 or so per person, with "all you can drink" crysanthemum tea.