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Nov 10, 2009 09:37 AM

Kefi Greekhouse & Ouzo Bar Calgary

Looks like the reno work at the old Sante Fe Grill location on Macleod Trail has been completed, with the space now reborn as Kefi Greekhouse & Ouzo Bar.

There is a blog posting from earlier today at, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be much of a web presence yet. Has anyone been there?

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  1. yeah we drove by that today... I am still searching for veggie moussaka! Instead we went to the Chinese buffet around there, and I'm pretty sure there was a huge pebble of glass in one of my wontonssss... But if I would have known!

    1. The link isn't working. Could you summarize what it said?
      Frankly I didn't realize that Sante Fe Grill was gone.

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      1. I was there a couple of weeks ago. We shared four apps and none were memorable other than the eggplant chips which were great. The octopus was a whole tentacle, coiled s-shaped on the plate like a snake. It didn't look great or taste much better, usually it's cut up and tender, not rubbery (likely due to overcooking) and you have to cut it up yourself. The calamari was OK but it was the very large thick rings (I prefer the smaller thinner rings like you get at Pegasus), and also rubbery due to overcooking. We also had some kind of lamb that was also overcooked and dry. Service was great, super friendly. There is a dance floor type of enclosure in the middle of the room that might be used for breaking plates (it has glass infill in the railings around it).

        I love Greek food so I always try new places if they're reasonably convenient. I might try it again once they've been open for a while longer but at this point it's not on my go-to list for Greek food - I'd say Pegasus in the south, Calypso in the north are way better and way cheaper.

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          How does it compare to The Broken Plate further down the road at Willow Park? Sems odd to have 2 Greek restaurants within a stone's throw of each other. Pity it wasn't an authentic Mexican restaurant - something seriously lacking in the city.

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            I've never been to Broken Plate down south, only to the Kensington one (and only once, a few years ago) so I can't compare. From what I saw of the decor and vibe, I get the impression that Kefi is more ouzo bar than greek restaurant.

            In any case, it's not unusual for greek restaurants to be close to each other (eg. Mykonos and Santorini, among others).

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              In reply to how it compares to the Broken Plate, they are 2 totally different types of Greek Restaurants. BP is more moedern Greek Infusion and Kefi is more authentic Greek.... Like you'd find in a tavern in Greece. I have tried both, and would highly recommend Kefi. The atmosphere and the people are great. Job well done on the renos. Nice to see an authentic Greek restaurant in a great location with plenty of parking for a change. Keep up the good work Kefi!! Opa!

          2. May 6th, 2010::

            We were just there the other night......a great time had by all!
            Check out my review on CHOW here::